The Daily dose of depression

Inatoli K Jimo,

Bayavü, Kohima


“Here comes my daily dose of depression”, I tell myself as I pick the daily newspaper to read while I sip my morning tea. And surely, as soon as my eyes wander I’d see news after news, none of them good. Here and there I get a glimpse of good news, usually sports since someone had to win the game, which does not excite me at the least. And then the entertainment section has the gossip list of the more famous section of the world, which is sometimes more excitingly depressing than the rest. I sometimes wonder if the newspapers were supposed to just give us the bad report of every event, i.e. with all due respect to the newspaper publishers.


Anyway, that’s not all I wanted to say, with all these business going about with the upcoming elections, the big political parties have taken it as their duty to see that their party gets to hit the front page of every existing dailies. Now, dearest leaders, you don’t want your voters to miss out on the daily dose of depression that you’ve made sure they get a bigger dose than the regular right? How concerned! Though I wish you’d focus more on development strategies than on public images (which we all know is just the lie you told us five years ago).


The religious group! How can I not remember? They make sure they counter every move the political parties make, and then they get more involved because they just can’t bear the backlashes they get from lukewarm people who are disinterested in both church and politics. Sometimes I wish there was a visible distinction between religion and politics. From my random interview of some people I met, majority prefers the church should steer clear from political discussions and teach their members to live a righteous life which will be more effective than the do’s and don’ts and the various movements.


I might continue to say more, if I had not been overdosed by my daily dose of depression; but I’ll stop here, for today, because the readers surely have been medicated enough reading through. Before I lose my mind I apologize to all who have been offended, because I did not intend to. After all, I was just depressed.