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Global Iodine Prevention day held in Mkg


Dr Ayangla Saku DPO (UIP&RCH), Principal, teachers and staff after the programme in Mokochung on October 21. (Photo Courtesy: DPMU, Mokokchung)


Mokokchung, October 21 (MExN): Observation of Global Iodine Prevention day was held at Government High School Dilong, Mokokchung on October 21 under the theme ‘Consume Iodised Salt, Protect Mental and Physical Health.’

As per a press release from DPMU, Chief Medical Office Mokokchung, Dr Ayangla Saku DPO (UIP&RCH) in her address said that it is a global public health problem. She said iodine deficiency disorder is caused by lack of iodine in diet and can range from mental retardation, loss of memory power, huge risk during pregnancy etc.

These diseases can be prevented only by regular use of iodised salt and that the day is observed to make people aware of the danger of lack of iodine which causes deficiency disorder.

She added that Iodine deficiency disorders are incurable but it can be prevented easily by regular consumption of iodised salt. She suggested that it should be kept in a tight container, away from sun and light and should not be stored more than 5 to 6 months. She also said that everyone should be aware of these preventable disease and spread awareness in the community.

During the fortnight, ASHA will visit every household for testing iodised salt.


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