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‘It is time now for us to join hands’

General (Retd) Viyalie Metha

Kedahge, FGN 

Dear Countrymen, 

On this auspicious occasion, I give thanks to the Almighty God for His grace and mercy sustaining our people and our Nation to this day. I express my gratitude to the National Workers who relentlessly stand and sacrifice in defence of Nagaland. We remember and honour our leaders and soldiers who suffered, toiled and laid down their ultimate lives for our Nation and for us for whom we are able to stand as a people and as a Nation. They shall be remembered all through the annals of Naga history. 

Today I would like to make it a point to remind all that Nagaland and Naga people as a nation is God given; Nagaland was neither carved out of any other nation nor a sprout by wit of some people. Thus from the beginning Nagas stood to defend their God given Nation and people from the invaders. Naga people meant to stand on their own foot as independent people and nation. 

For over seventy years, the enemy occupied most of our territories through its mighty armed forces and dividing our people into east — west - north — south, between this and that countries but Nagas are one and will be one. All Nagas are equal; no one is more or less privileged from the other. 

While Nations of the world knows and call Nagas as a people and a Nation, unfortunately some educated Nagas are so blind and claim as Indian. They do not know where their descendants shall live. Such people must realise that it is not anyone but they are denying themselves from being a Naga. I implore that all such people must realise their shortcomings and remain true Naga. There are few others who claim to be national workers but act in a way which is detrimental to the Nation, they should also respect and work under the National Government that is the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN). 

The Naga National Government, the 'Federal Government of Nagaland was proclaimed by the Naga people for the interest of our people as a whole and is the people's government; anyone who might have gone into wrong path should turn back and work for the common cause of our people. The door is open for all. The Federal Government of Nagaland upholds the objective of our past leaders; we shall not be swayed by the enemy's aggressive evil designs.

On an occasion of historic National day such as today, we all are required to look back to our National history; it was meticulously laid down by our ancestors one after another on a solid foundation such as: 

1. 2nd February, 1946 the Naga National Council formed. 

2. 14th August, 1947 declaration of Naga Independence.

3. 16th May, 1951 Naga Voluntary Plebiscite. 

4. 22nd March, 1956 Proclamation of the Federal Government of Nagaland. 5. 27th April, 1955 Lakhuti Resolution of NNC made to seal and secure. 

It is a fact that Nagaland declared its Independence before India became an Independent country. We know our national right, we are not demanding anything from India and neither do we have anything to negotiate with India in the matter of Nagaland as an independent Nation. 

In the present scenario, the enemy has shifted its war tactics upon Nagaland. There is no direct confrontation of arms between Nagaland and India but the war continues, India is now intensively pouring its heinous agenda in Nagaland to annihilate our people's life; culture and tradition of the Naga society are being attacked. Even our religion is in danger. 

Now therefore, I call upon our people to be sensible and stand guard against evil designs of the enemy. People of a nation have different jobs and professions but all can be a national worker in one's own profession in safeguarding the nation. It is time now for us to join hands and stand united to defend and protect Nagaland. 

The Federal Government of Nagaland upholds the Policy of NNC which is Non-Violence and Peaceful Co-Existence so also honours and upholds the international Ceasefire Agreement signed between the Government of India and the Federal Government of Nagaland which was effective on 6th September, 1964. 

Standing on our birthright and keeping faith in God and in His obedience, we shall surely achieve our goal. May God bless Nagaland. 



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