Man drugged and robbed

Mistaken for a thief after regaining consciousness


Morung Express News
Dimapur | May 28

One man from Guwahati has landed up in hospital after he was allegedly drugged and robbed in Dimapur. The incident, as revealed by an acquaintance of the victim’s family, happened on the night of May 25 at the Dimapur railway station.


The victim, identified as Himanshu Das (34 years), works as a ‘Site Supervisor’ for a private company at the Dimapur airport. “On May 25, Das was at the railway station to board a 10:00 pm train to Guwahati,” said the family’s acquaintance.


While waiting for the train, he went outside for snacks where reportedly he met two persons, a man and a woman (non-Naga), who were said to have offered him ‘pakora’. “He told his family that he does not remember anything after that till he came to his senses sometime in the evening of May 27.”


His family in Guwahati, fearing for the worst, started inquiring and reached Dimapur on May 26. The family contacted his employers and also lodged a police complaint, which was allegedly not accepted. The complaint was accepted the next day after CCTV footage showed Das at the railway station on the night of May 25.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to his family and the police, Das regained consciousness to find all his personal belongings lost. It was May 27.


As per his account, he vaguely recollected waking up by a drain but could not place where. While looking for help in the vicinity, his dishevelled look was mistaken for a thief by the neighbourhood folks, who allegedly thrashed him. He was later handed over to the police and subsequently identified as the missing man mentioned in the complaint to the police lodged by the family.


The place where he woke up and the place where he was allegedly thrashed could not be ascertained.


The police confirmed receiving a missing complaint, which was later withdrawn after the man, was found.


Das was taken home to Guwahati and admitted to hospital with injuries to the body, his family acquaintance said. The incident, he said, should serve as a reminder on the risks of accepting eatables and drinks from seemingly friendly strangers.