Mites infestation in Rabbits and its preventive measures

Mites infestation in Rabbits and its preventive measures

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Mite infestation is one of the most common and major health constraints in rabbit rearing. Most common mites in rabbit is Sarcoptes cuniculi and Psoroptes cuniculi. Mites infestation is a common contagious parasitic skin disease that generally spread from one infected rabbit to another healthy rabbit by direct skin contact or through the environment viz. unclean cages, feeds, air etc.

Signs and Symptoms of Mites Infestation in Rabbit

  1. Rubbing ears frequently, head shaking, scratching of the body and move around restlessly.
  2. Loss of appetites, dullness and depress.
  3. Presence of crust, scale and scrab formation in lips,nose,earpinna and inter digital space.
  4. Loss of furs over face, around eyes and border of ear pinna.
  5. In severe infestation whole body skin inflammation and heavy fur losses.

Some Preventive Steps to Control Mites Infestation in Rabbit

  1. The cage of the rabbit should be always be kept clean and dry. Thorough washing and disinfection of the cages once every month.
  2. Fed well balance nutritious diet along with vitamin and mineral supplement.
  3. Feed and water trough should be cleaned daily.
  4. Daily provide clean water and fodder grasses.
  5. Observe your pet rabbit daily for any abnormal signs and symptoms.
  6. Any diseased condition /infected rabbit should be immediately isolated from healthy one.
  7. Proper disposal of dead rabbits by burial method.

In case of suspected mites infestation in your pet rabbit the owner should consult a Veterinarian or visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centre along with the infested rabbit for early diagnosis and proper treatment .