Musical Chairs & Police Department Scams

Prof. G.T. Thong
Nagaland University

The political situation is ever as fluid in Nagaland this last tenure of the NPF-led DAN Government. It is really interesting how affiliations change with the drop of a hat. Sworn best friends became worst enemies, who have now come together, ‘never to part again’. Perhaps a number of them have visited Kaziranga this time as well (Nagaland’s favorite destination where our developmental policies are made and packaged). May be, a competent leader is needed to put a halt to the probable investigations into the numerous scams that have recently surfaced, particularly in the police department under the stewardship of ‘Sir’ Pillai.


Imkong Imchen was peeved by the term ‘Chor’ used by a certain group recently. It is for sure the term was not meant for all the politicians. It was for the select few of an exclusive club who robbed them off their jobs by appointing their khandan/supporters/highest bidders through the back door. The ‘offensive’ term was also for an ‘honorable’ politician whose escapades with some Police Departments, in India and abroad, is legendary. That ‘irritating’ term was also for that small bunch of politicians and bureaucrats who have looted Nagaland dry with impunity, leaving no future whatsoever, for the thousands of unemployed youth.


The Congress should stop screaming their lungs off accusing the Chief Minister of nepotism. If my memory has not failed me, one Chief Minister had his own brother, including a heavy dose of, you know who, in his cabinet once. There was not a whimper out of anyone in the Congress camp then. Please let the matter rest and let us get along with more important issues at hand.


Of utmost importance is the multi-thousand crore rupee scam in the Police Department, that great Institution, ‘the Upholder of our Sacred Laws’. There are vested interests that would not like the proceedings to continue and will do their level best, by bribing, intimidating, etc., etc., to stop all investigations; even toppling the government if necessary. Here, all responsible people with a conscience have to get together and start the ball rolling. Perhaps, the ACAUT can take the lead and arrange for a public rally to discuss the unimaginable rot in the system. We look upon the other Civil Societies of Nagaland as well (NTC, CNTC, ENPO, Senior Citizens’ Forum, NSF, ENSF, ANCSU, etc.) to lead the rally. It really is every ones concern. The agenda (ONLY Police Department scam) may include the course of action to be adopted, filing PILs, a delegation to meet the Governor and Prime Minister, etc. All the big-time crooks involved should be thrown behind, you know where. However, all this requires financial support. The ACAUT and others have no resources of their own, so during the rally these matters can be discussed openly and free-will contributions encouraged.


It is high time for decisive actions. The task is arduous, though this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, but we have to persevere now. A few notorious elements will use money and guns to try to dissuade us, but if we public are united, we sure as hell can overcome all odds. Mighty empires were brought down in recent years. The comparatively small rot here is nothing, but… if we are determined.