NPCC releases election manifesto

NPCC releases election manifesto

Morung Express News
Dimapur | February 8


The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today released its 16-page manifesto for elections to the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly.


While promising an array of benefits to voters, the NPCC took numerous potshots at the ruling NPFas well as its “collusion” with the BJP in its manifesto released to party workers today.


“This Election is also an occasion for Nagas to cherish the past and claim the future by electing a secular party to govern,” it stated.


Political: In its 10 point political stand, the NPCC stated that it will implement the “unimplemented points of the 16-Point Agreement of 1960 between the Government of India and the Naga People’s Convention.” It also appealed to the NNC (Adino) and NSCN (K) to join the path of negotiations.


NPCC pledged to take various steps to curb the rampant electoral malpractices and corruption.
The manifesto also promises to facilitate and enable women by providing greater participation through its “commitment to 33% women reservation.”


Economy: “NPF Govt. started with 18 Crs. surplus budget in 2003-04. Today we have landed in an admitted deficit of 1657.87 Crs. Debt servicing in 2003-04 was about 240 Crs. which is now over 1100 Crs annually,” noted the Congress party in Nagaland on corruption.


“The alarming reckless borrowing of the Govt. indicates its irresponsible financial management that is landing the state in a debt trap forever,” stated the NPCC pointing to the NPF-BJP alliance as a way to “shelter their corrupt crimes.”


For the Eastern Nagaland areas, it came up with a Special Economic Development Plan, a separate Mini-Secretariat under which Special Development Board shall be set up, with all schools from Primary to Middle level in the region receiving special attention for infrastructure development.


It also took a jibe at Prime Minister recently announced Rs. 90,000 Crs. for North-East Road Connectivity saying, “He has made similar announcements in Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir and Gujarat Elections, and they remain as mere announcements without any release of funds.”


Infrastructure: The Congress Government shall provide “All-Weather Roads connected to all District HQs,” its manifesto stated.


If it comes to power, the Congress Government assured to “augment urgent power supply” through “thermal and solar power station. For long term we shall take up Dikhu Hydro Project 186 MW, Tizu-Zungki 150 MW, Lower Tizu Valley Hydro Project 40MW, Zungki HEP 24 MW, Tizu Valley Hydro Project 15MW and Telam HEP 2.4 MW.”
In terms of education, it pledged to “clean up the mess in Education Department within 1 year.”


In the health sector, it pledged to upgrade government hospitals in two years and make a cashless healthcare scheme available to all families. It also hoped to establish small industries/agro based industries with local raw materials and ‘Low Volume Hi-tech Industries.’


Others: While promising to “remove backdoor appointments, nepotism and bias,” Congress Government shall “streamline to provide free and fair recruitment system by reviewing department service selection boards and NPSC.” It made this pledge to the youth.


There will be visit to holy land (Jerusalem) at subsidized cost by an Act of the State Government, and various schemes for the development of women, children, widows, senior citizens, minorities, ex-servicemen and the elderly.
The NPCC also hoped to increase Village Guard salary to Rs. 15,000.