Selection into Indian Administrative Service (IAS) from Non-State Civil Services (Non-SCS)

The Confederation of All Nagaland State Services Employees’ Association (CANSSEA), the Nagaland Secretariat Service Association (NSSA), the Nagaland Finance & Accounts Services Association (NF&ASA) and the Federation of Nagaland State Engineers Services Association (FONSESA) issue this brief write-up on selection into the IAS from the other services i.e. Non SCS for the benefit of its members serving across the State and for the general awareness of all concerned.


The Selection into the IAS is governed by the IAS (Recruitment) Rules, 1954, the IAS (Appointment by Selection) Regulations, 1997 and the IAS (Fixation of Cadre Strength) Regulations, 1955:


1. The IAS (Recruitment Rules), 1954, Rule 4 (1) (c) prescribes recruitment: “By selection, in special cases from among persons, who hold in a substantive capacity gazetted posts in connection with the affairs of a State and who are not members of a State Civil Service.”


Rule 8 (2) provisions Recruitment by selection for appointment to State Cadre: “The Central Government may, in special circumstances and on the recommendation of the State Government concerned and in consultation with the Commission and in accordance with such regulations as the Central Government may, after consultation with the State Government and the Commission, from time to time, make, recruit to the Service any person of outstanding ability and merit serving in connection with the affairs of the State who is not a member of the State Civil Service of that State [but who holds a gazetted post in a substantive capacity]”.


Rule 9 (1).The number of persons recruited under rule 8 in any State or group of States shall not, at any time, exceed 33.33 % of the number of senior posts under the State Government, Central Deputation Reserve, State Deputation Reserve and Training Reserve in relation to that State or to the group of States, in the Schedule to the Indian Administrative Service (Fixation of Cadre Strength) Regulations, 1955: Provided that the number of persons recruited under sub-rule (2) of the rule 8 shall not at any time exceed fifteen per cent of the number of persons recruited under rule 8.


2. In terms of the provisions of IAS (Appointment by Selection) Regulations 1997, Regulation 4 (1) a Non-State Civil Service Officer is eligible to be considered for selection to the Indian Administrative Service, provided he/she- (i) is of outstanding merit and ability; and (ii) holds a Gazetted post in a substantive capacity; and (iii) has completed not less than 8 years of continuous service under the State Government on the first day of January of the year in which his case is being considered in any post which has been declared equivalent to the post of Deputy Collector in the State Civil Service and propose the person for consideration of the Committee, and (iv) has not attained the age of 56 years (amendments to the IAS Selection Regulations dated 17.03.2015 and the clarification dated 20.03.2015 issued thereto by the DoP&T, Government of India) on the 1st day of the January of the year for which the Select List is to be prepared.


3. The IAS (Fixation of Cadre Strength) Regulations, 1955 as amended from time to time reviews the Cadre strength for a particular State.


The tabulation below indicates the cadre strength and the percentage for selection of Non-SCS in the State of Nagaland:


As seen from the Table above, the Non-SCS has been deprived of the prescribed limit for selection into IAS despite the periodical review of the cadre strength and therefore, the four Associations has drawn the attention of the Government to recommend for allocation of the two vacant posts arising from the retirement of inducted IAS officers and within the limits prescribed under Rules. 4.


4. The Confederation of Associations, meanwhile, acknowledges the Government of Nagaland, for advertising the vacancy of 1 post vide P&AR Department Vacancy Circular No. PAR-A/01/2017 dated 30/5/17 inviting eligible non-SCS officers for the Select List 2016 to fill up the vacancy. And further thank the Government for the commitment to deliver justice to the Non-State Civil Services and understanding that the constituted Cabinet Sub-Committee shall also expedite the already delayed recommendation so as to let the recruitment process come to its logical end as per the laid down Rules in letter and spirit.


5. Through this write-up, the CANSSEA, NSSA, NF&ASA, FONSESA earnestly appeal all its members to continue to deliver public service with diligence and dedication irrespective of the nature and place of work while encouraging the young and upcoming officers to also aspire for selection into the Indian Administrative Service and shoulder higher responsibilities.


Dr. Zase Chusi, President, CANSSEA
Johnny Humtsoe, President, NSSA
TN Yanthan, President, NF &ASA
Er. Y Tep, President, FONSESA