Shifting focus

Witoubou Newmai

It appears today that the people need to rediscover the ‘purpose’ together by forgetting the binary of the ‘authority’ and the ‘grass-root’ for a while.


The culture of ‘trickling downward’ is not trickling down well, there are confusions and doubts among the grass-roots. This hazy trend is creating divisions or broadening split among the people, thereby, giving rise for the spawning of the ‘leadership groups’ or the power centres. As the process of division accelerates, the focus has become divergent and faint.


Such a trend has also laid grounds for the germination of the culture of making the ‘purpose’ convenient to the interests of the powers-that-be instead of the other way round. This is also where the powers-that-be come into the scene with an intention more intense than the situation requires or demands. These are certain glaring reasons for concern.


When the spirit of the ‘purpose’ of the power-centres or the ‘leadership groups’ is in sharp contrast, the grass-roots ought to rise to the occasion to prise the ‘purpose’ away from the vested interests. In doing so, not only the veneer of hypocrisy is ripped, but it sobering participation of all concerned are ensured.


In this way, the passion of the people can be reignited, and the possibility of wrong channelization of the manifestation of impatience and confusion of the grass-roots are subdued.


Increasingly, today’s situation demands the role of the thinking/concerned people, and that impels the need for the latter class also to participate loudly and defiantly. Unless the need for such culture is not taken on special importance, the days of a highly unusual phase may not be that far away.


It is time to halt the ‘leadership groups’ from travestying the people. This would also mean to create a situation for a smooth two-way traffic of the bottom-up and top-down. Such mechanisms will give little or no room for the ‘purpose’ to get diluted or channelized.


Since the all ready ‘leadership groups’ or the powers-that-be seldom let it go of any opportunity in channelizing things in the absence of informed and conscious grass-roots, the thinking/concerned people must come out without hesitation to ward off the culture of travesty. To engage in this exercise is also to embrace the culture of organising lectures, group discussions at varied levels, seminars and workshops in the most suited and relevant manners with an aim to have concerned affairs permeate the grass-roots.


Once the passion among the grass-roots is reignited, then the focus on the ‘purpose’ will prevail once again in our society.