State-wide bandh in Nagaland continues

State-wide bandh in Nagaland continues

Morung Express News
Dimapur | February 16


The ongoing indefinite bandh called by JCC/NTAC passed off normally in Dimapur on Thursday. However, unlike other days, the number of volunteers enforcing the bandh and manning the various intersections and points within the city and on NH-29 stretch till Chumukedima thinned down considerably.


Except for occasional passing of army convoys and light vehicles including autorickshaws ferrying schoolchildren appearing their board exams, the streets wore a deserted look. Diphupar village junction, 7th Mile junction and Chumukedima 2nd Gate point witnessed the maximum number of volunteers including women. The highly charged emotions of the volunteers also seemed to have cooled down with passage of time and series of bandhs.


However, at Diphupar Village junction, a couple of media persons covering the bandh were in for a rude shock as some overzealous women volunteers jeered at the media persons and shouted that they too have to show their ID cards before taking any photograph, despite fully recognizing the official car of the particular media doing the daily round since the start of the bandh.


A situation arose in Dimapur near the Walford petrol pump, when a vehicle, with a JCC official sticker, attempted to break past the barricades. Volunteers managed to stop the car and found the driver in an inebriated condition. Amidst rising tension, women volunteers intervened and prevented the public from causing damage to the vehicle.


While the driver was not a JCC official, volunteers expressed frustration that a vehicle with the JCC sticker was allowed to be driven by someone else during the bandh, and that too some in an inebriated condition.
The ongoing bandh will continue in Dimapur tomorrow as well.


DNYF to continue
“inspecting” in Dimapur
The Dimapur Naga Youth Front (DNYF) has informed today that the organisation will continue “inspecting” and “take stern action against those who violate the bandh movement.”


The DNYF in a press release alleged that NPF Central has so far shut the mouths of its legislators and is now trying to suppress the government servants and said, “Since the government is ‘of the people, by the people and for the people, we demand the NPF Central to let the people decide for themselves rather than threatening.” The DNYF “challenge” the NPF Central to show their strength by coming out in the streets during the bandh hours. It also added that “DNYF consider NPF Central as fake and baseless comedians who are in real just a circus tiger.”


Bandh relaxation in Tsg
The ongoing total indefinite handh in Tuensang Town, called by Chang Tribal Council and Tuensang Village Citizen Union in solidarity with the state wide bandh under the aegis of JCC and NTAC has been partially lifted in Tuensang. However, indefinite bandh on Government vehicles and offices under Government of Nagaland is enforced from February 17.


All educational institution, schools and colleges both private and Government, Administration, Police, Para Military Force, government vehicle on exam duty, Fire & Emergency Service, Medical, Sanitary Vehicle/ Press media are exempted from the purview of the bandh, and all the business activities and movement of Private Vehicles will remain normal as usual.


The decision was taken following the decision of JCC and NTAC, and to maintain uniformity in the manner of protest with the rest of the state. The Chang Khulei Setshang (CKS) and Tuensang, Village Citizen Union (TVCU) through a press statement informed the people of Tuensang that the bandh will continue till further notice.


Kohima: In Kohima, the bandh will continue as before without any change in the exemptions and the timing.