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TODAY in HISTORY: October 11

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Oct 11



1899 - Beginning of second Boer War.


1961 - Leonard "Chico" Marx, the piano-playing member of the Marx Brothers, died aged 70.


1963 - The French singer and cabaret star Edith Piaf died, aged 47.


1982 - The Mary Rose, once Henry VIII's flagship, was raised from the waters off southern England.


1998 - Ian Paisley denounces Pope at European Parliament.


2002 - Explosion rips through shopping mall in Vantaa, Finland killing five people.


2004 - European Union foreign ministers agreed to lift an 18-year-old arms embargo on Libya in recognition of its renunciation of weapons of mass destruction.


2006 - New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was killed when the small aircraft he was piloting crashed into a 52-story building on Manhattan's upmarket Upper East Side. He was 34.


2006 - Benito Martinez Abrogan, star of the Cuban government's efforts to promote healthy lives for its oldest citizens, died. He was said to be 126, but there was no definitive proof of his age as he had no birth certificate.


2007 - British novelist Doris Lessing won the Nobel Prize for literature for a body of work that looked unflinchingly at society's ills and inspired a generation of feminist writers.


2008 - First-ever train service in Kashmir.

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