TWSM demands release of UNC leaders

Mumbai, January 9 (MExN): Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai (TWSM) has alleged that the Manipur Government is using divide and rule policy instead of trying to amicably resolve the issue prevailing in the state through dialogues.
It further accused the Government of Manipur of dishonouring the four Memorandum of Understanding signed between various Naga civil societies and Government of Manipur by creating the Sadar Hills district. The memorandums had agreed that not even an inch of Naga ancestral land should be touched while creating any new district and also a written assurance was given from the Ministry of Home affairs (MHA), Government of India on November 24, 2011, TWSM stated in a press release.


To gain political mileage for the upcoming election, the release stated, the Government of Manipur took an overnight decision for the creation of seven new districts without the knowledge of Hill Areas Committee and the stakeholders, which it said is against the provisions of the Article 371C of the Constitution of India.


“We are aware of the harsh impacts of Economic Blockade on the general public and we can feel it as it affects the entire community residing in Manipur. We firmly believe that UNC is imposing the Economic Blockade to draw the attention and resolve the issues with the Government of Manipur,” it stated. “We want all the communities in Manipur to understand that the fight is between the Government of Manipur and Nagas. We should not create communal hatred and enmity but pressurize the State Government to resolve the issues at the earliest.”



Meanwhile, TWSM condemned the arrest of Naga United Council (UNC) President, Gaidon Kamei and Publicity Secretary, Stephen Lamkang on November 25, 2016; the “Divide & Rule Policy” by creating the new 7 districts; the vandalism of more than 45 vehicles by mob and burning of Naga travelers’ belongings at Khurai Lamlong, Heikru Makhong area in Imphal East District on December 18, 2016.


TWSM demanded the Government of Manipur to release the UNC leaders without any condition; respect the 4 MoUs signed with various Naga civil societies; roll back the seven newly created districts and enter into dialogue; initiate judicial inquiry in the Khurai Lamlong, Heikru Makhong incident and give compensation to the victims.
“When Government of Manipur has arrested UNC leaders, how will the dialogue between Government of Manipur and United Naga Council (UNC) or tripartite dialogue (including Govt. of India) take place,” it questioned. “The Government of Manipur must release UNC leaders at the earliest without any condition and resume the dialogue for peaceful solution.”


The Tangkhul Nagas living in Mumbai also extended their support to the “Naga brethren” back home to safeguard “our” ancestral lands at any costs. It also sought the intervention of Central Government at the earliest to bring amicable solution.