15 Years of Naga Reconciliation

Zhopra Vero
Kedallo, NNC/FGN & Co- Convener, 

The Naga people owe a debt of gratitude to the Naga Shisha Hoho and the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) for their sacrificial and tireless efforts in bringing about peace and reconciliation among the warring Naga Political Groups (NPGs). At a time when the Naga Political Movement was passing through one of the darkest phase of its history, the violence between various factions of the Naga armed groups was at its peak and fratricidal killings were rampant, God in His infinite love for the Nagas was exhibited through Divine Revelation to the Naga Shisha Hoho. The Naga Shisha Hoho in obedience to the divine revelation organized a three day Naga Peace Convention at Dimapur which gave birth to the Forum for Naga Reconciliation on 24th February 2008 and the FNR was formally inaugurated at Kohima on 25th March 2008 with a team of originally 14 members led by Rev. Dr. Wati Aier as Convenor, supported and endorsed by 39 Naga organizations along with the Nagaland Baptist Church Council and Council of Naga Baptist Churches. It also had the support from members of Society of Friends and American Baptist Churches USA.

It was through the hard work put in by the FNR, the courage and vision of the Naga National leadership, and Divine providence facilitated by prayers of many which resulted in the ‘Covenant of Reconciliation’.

Ever since its inception, to build trust and reconcile various Naga Political Groups, the FNR journeyed to distant and remote places and met the leaders of the various Naga Political Groups to convince them to meet together. On getting their approval, the FNR organized several Naga Peace Summits entitled “A Journey of Common Hope” in Chiang Mai, Thailand. On 21st August 2008, representatives from various Naga Political Groups, tribal organizations, and the Church and civil society organizations adopted the 10 point Covenant of Common Hope at the third Naga Peace Summit at Chiang Mai, Thailand. This served as the foundation for the Covenant of Reconciliation (CoR), signed on 13th June 2009, by Isak Chishi Swu of the NSCN (IM), S.S. Khaplang of NSCN (K) and Brig. (Retd.) S. Singnya of the NNC/FGN. The signatories solemnly committed themselves to Naga Reconciliation and Forgiveness based on the Historical and Political Rights of the Nagas. Part of the Covenant reads, “Having been deeply convicted by God’s call in Christ, and the voice of the Naga people, we hereby solemnly commit before God to offer ourselves to Naga Reconciliation and Forgiveness based on the Historical and Political Rights of the Nagas. We resolve to continue to work together in this spirit of love, non-violence, peace and respect to resolve outstanding issues among us.”

The CoR was reaffirmed on 18th September 2010 on Naga Home Soil. Since then we have been reaffirming the CoR every year on 13th June under the Aegis of the FNR. The Covenant of Reconciliation has been instrumental in the cessation of armed confrontation and bloodshed among the Naga Political Groups and it shall be etched in the annals of Naga history. 15 years down the line, I shudder to think where we would be today, had it not been for the CoR may be the Naga political movement would be on the verge of annihilation owing to the incessant killings among brothers for which I give all Honour and Glory to our Almighty God and extend my continued gratitude to the Naga Shisha Hoho, the FNR, the Church, CSOs, the voice of the Naga people, The Quakers, World Baptist Alliance and all the prayer supporters who have made the CoR possible.