5 must buy books for your kids


Because India has such a diverse population, there are many possibilities to celebrate distinct holidays. For kids, the festive holiday break and all the excitement goes along with the festive emotions, with activities like pandal hopping and food festivals. However for older people it is all about decorating homes and entertaining. So how does one keep the kids busy through the entertaining and all the traveling. Young kids can use this time to develop the habit of reading books that not only provide them with knowledge but are also enjoyable to read.

We've listed out 5 books for your Diwali break

The Land Beyond The Moon by Merlinwand
Written by Parvathy Raveendran and illustrated by Rajyasree Sarkar, The Land Beyond The Moon is a new book by Merlinwand that deals specifically with the loss of a pet. The story deals with fighting supervillains while spinning across asteroids and the moon to revive the pet. Along with choosing and naming the central character, the reader can choose which of the three worlds one wants to explore - Forest of Zee on a winged horse Peggy, the Kingdom of Zee on the friendly carpet Rasul, or the Planet of Zee on the futuristic spaceship Dhruva. The Land Beyond The Moon is the perfect book to teach kids about the importance of relationships, especially the relationship of humans and pets.

Our Toxic World: A Guide to Hazardous Substances in Our Everyday Lives by SAGE Publications
Our Toxic World takes a close look at these hidden perils, and at what we can do to make our own lives, and the world around us, a little cleaner, a little safer. The Sachdeva family is like many others. A father with a government job; his wife a homemaker; a son starting a career; and a daughter in high school. And like most other families in a big city, the Sachdevas are surrounded in their everyday lives by a cocktail of toxic substances. From food toxins, waste, automobile and industrial pollutants, and green laws to chemicals, building construction every possible hazardous substance is in there. The book describes the impacts of harmful chemicals, and highlights alternate approaches to reduce their presence. It is a graphic novel by Aniruddha Sen Gupta and Priya Kuriyan and a keeper for all green bookshelves.

"My Big Book" by Katha books
My Big Book is a series of 'big books' that are not big in size but bug on ideas and inspiration. This includes My Big Book of Earth and My Big Book of Global Warming, edited by Geeta Dharmarajan. This series is a collection of poems, stories, stunning illustrations, and sketches about the globe. My Big Book of Earth explores the significant and current topic of environmental protection and conservation in a loving ode to our planet Earth. My Big Book of Global Warming is a book that explores how Global Warming affects people and shows young readers many easy ways to help make a difference. It is also a mix of fiction and non-fiction, with tips and trivia.

P.S. What's Up With the Climate by Pratham books
P.S. What's Up With the Climate written by an award-winning author Vachharajani and illustrated by Archana Sreenivasan is a book that explores the theme of climate change and addresses the complex issue in a humorous, albeit thought-provoking style. This work of nonfiction is incredibly well-researched and has a paranormal understanding of the way things are headed. It's set in a world where the lives of all animals has gone topsy-turvy as it's suddenly too hot, too cold, no rain or too much rain. This book not only educates kids about environmental issues but also, forces them to be intrigued about the environment and question themselves. It is safe to say that this book actually helps kids to take the first step to conserving the environment from their own home!

Ira The Little Dolphin and Lai-Lai the Baby Elephant By Tulika Publishers
Shekar Dattatri, a renowned wildlife and conservation filmmaker, is the author of these amazing books. Lai-Lai the Baby Elephant is bilingual, and introduces young readers to a playful baby elephant who is interested in his surroundings. To ensure that elephants like Lai-Lai have a pleasant life ahead of them. In the second book, Ira The Little Dolphin, one encounters a contented tiny dolphin performing backflips in Lake Chilika. She is unaware of the dangers Irrawaddy dolphins endure. Photos in the book make the subject more engaging for young readers, ages 3 to 6. Both the books emphasize the necessity to preserve the forests and jungles.