Z Lohe

What do I mean by 60:0 (Sixty is to Zero) is the ratio of 60 MLAs in the PDA, the Opposition-less Govt. of Nagaland against the Congress, MLA-less party, in the just concluded parliamentary election in Nagaland in particular created election history. Such an election with 60 MLAs together being badly defeated by Congress party having no MLA, the debacle of the former and the success of the later are both spectacular and historical too. To imagine such extraordinary failure and to imagine the never expected victory of the Congress candidate are both a feat which may never be repeated in future history.

I have no botheration to inquire into it post poll, and I simply imagine that the Congress candidate could not even find Polling Agents to be posted in maximum Polling Stations on the polling day across the State. There was no match between Congress candidate and the 60 MLAs’ candidate in terms of man power, prominency, logistic support, etc. In brief, there was no reason how BJP-NDPP alliance candidate could loss and there was no reason how could Congress candidate could win while the party has been in its lowest ebb since 2003. 

Whatever be the ground realities, its all because of Almighty God Who makes something out of nothing and makes nothing out of something all powerful. The RSS-BJP and its partner NDPP and their sycophants had sufficiently done already enough for the victory of Congress in Nagaland. Since the last 10 years, PM Narendra Modi’s Government has been brazenly unleashed anti-Christian and anti-minority measures against religious minorities in India. Instances are stockpiled and too numerous to cite.

 What had happened and still remaining unabated in Manipur are enough challenge to our existence in our own land. The Christians under BJP rule are made to be the easy prey to Hindutva extremists all these years. Whereas the non-BJP parties which are in alliance with BJP remain to be the source of strength both to BJP-RSS in the Centre and in the States to suppress and marginalize Christians in total violation of the Constitution of India. Therefore, these parties are squarely responsible for the sufferings of Christians and other minorities in the country. Christians in India are considered to be inferior to cow. The RSS-BJP workers are given freedom to mistreat Christians wherever they are in any manner they liked. Look at how Kuki-Zo Christians were killed, chased them away and now their properties are being seized by Meite Hindus in Manipur. Having caused immense harm to Kuki-Zo Christians a year ago by BJP Govt., the Home Ministry of India started shedding crocodile’s tears over Manipur by trying to intervene into the conflict just the other day is rather rubbing salt to the injury. 

The over-zealous CM of Assam Himanta Bishwa Sarma, in his war against Christians in the NE in particular who had enacted anti-conversion law in the guise of Assam Healing(Prevention of Evil) Practices Bill, 2024 on 26.2.2024 blamed Christians for upsetting the election results in few States in NE. To BJP and cohorts and to Himanta in particular, Christians are the most unwanted people in India. We Christians are worthless in the sight of BJP. Those insignificant Christian voters who have conscientiousness perhaps voted against the violation of religious freedom provisions in the Constitution of India. For the success of few Congress candidates in NE why credit should be given to Christians? The credit should appropriately go to BJP and sycophants. 

Dr Chumben Murry blamed NBCC for its purported involvement in politics on the eve of the counting of votes. When grasshopper is about to die, it holds onto thatch plant and dies. Similarly, perhaps the candidate of Opposition-less Govt. anticipated the most disappointing and embarrassing result and thus cast the last aspersions on NBCC for the failure. Yet, if the 60 MLAs miserably failed to retain the confidence of the Naga public, why and who can you blame. The Opposition-less Govt. has all the requisite resources, be it money or man power including the Election Commission of India and the bureaucracy at its disposal, why give credit to NBCC for the success of Congress or discredit for the failure of the best potential Opposition-less candidate to NBCC too. In my understanding of the election fiasco of PDA this time, both the credit for the success of Congress and discredit for the failure of NDPP be given to 60 MLAs deservedly.

Forgetting the amount of BJP’s hatred against Christianity and its unabated suppressions of Christians across India all these decades by its activists, Dr Chumben’s lengthy lampoon dated 2.6.2024 against the statement of Dr Villo Naleo, Convener of Clean Election Movement (CEM), NBCC was indeed much to the delight of the baiters. Such indictment boosts the spirit and moral of the suppressors. Instead of blaming the Church, better question the 60 MLAs as to why had they left you in the lurch and pulled the rug beneath while having sent you to the battle front. 

Now, can we expect the change of attitude of BJP-RSS towards Christians in India particularly the Catholics since the PM Modi had hugged the Pope Francis in Borgo Egnazia, Italy on June 14, 2024 during the recent G7 Summit? Can the hug be used as carrot and stick in the sense that hugging a Christian leader in a foreign land and on return bash up Christians in his homeland? 
I wonder whether the remnants of Congress in Nagaland in general and the new MP in particular are thankful to God or not for not having toiled and yet harvested bountifully. Finally, I give all glory and honor to the Living God for the Lok Sabha election result in Nagaland, a fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 1:27 “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty .” (NKJV).