A concern thought for the consumers

Ketholelie Angami

I would like to pose this question to the general public:

1. Are you satisfied with the hike of prices in the essential commodities?

2. Are you going to be silent spectators?

You cannot be blamed because you might not be in knowledge of the in and out’s of business transactions. As a consumer and as a petty businessman, I would like to share some of the realities why the prices of essential commodities have gone up. It is because of the National Workers and Municipal Councillors.

National Workers harass the business community now and then with the taxation and as a result of it, adjustments have to be done with the prices. Municipal Councillors are also monopolising some of the essential commodities and as a result of it prices have gone up. For example, in order to bring egg, vegetables, supari, tamul, pan patta, etc. from Dimapur, a coupon is required from the Municipal’s office. However, in some category, they don’t even issue coupons and are monopolising by themselves.

For example, let us discuss pan patta. The present cost of pan patta as compared to the past is very high. Do you know why? It is because of the monopolisation by the concerned councillor. Here, I would like to appreciate the two young promising and enthusiastic youth from Kohima Village who sells pan patta with a nominal margin. When the rate of their pan patta and the pan patta sold by the concerned councillor is compared, one would find a difference of rupees thirty to forty or even more by the councillor’s party. Survey the market and you will find out by yourself. Why this difference? Is their pan patta more special? Is their pan patta a better quality? The simple answer is they are exploiting the general public’s money and the petty businessman and woman and are trying to build their castle in a day. They are even threatening the businessman not to buy pan patta from others except from them. What do they mean by that? One has the choice to buy where it is cheaper. They should not and cannot force others to buy from them if their pan patta is costlier.

When there is only one party to handle the businness, prices can be manipulated. Therefore, in a business, competition has to be there so that customers can purchase where it is cheaper. When it is monopolised, the dealers can charge as they want and it becomes very expensive. The consumers are being affected because they have no choice but to purchase it with a heavy heart.

Here I would like to request the Municpal Council to go back to square one because its present functioning is worse than that of the past Town Committee’s functioning. The situation is such that it has become from bad to worst. Many would be feeling the same feelings thinking “if there is no Municipal Council.”

Finally, I request all the consumers to work hand in hand so that such monopoly be stopped once and for all. We should be a happy customer. Purchase and step out of the shop with a happy and lighter heart.