A dream of possibilities

Ngukato G Chishi

Constructive Role

"Life is a revelation each day" I feel that as an amateur journalist i am an ambassador of revelation.

I like to play a constructive role, not only the darker side on moon that has to be unveiled but the brighter aspects of life too need to highlighted, more so, When the world is reeling under the blows of cynicism.

I want into the light the act of altruism and charity, the works of art and creativity the paragon of bravery and courage is what I like to highlight it to People and i am able to influence a few souls and minds, i feel that the world would be better place. As an amateur journalist I like to fellow the skills of professional writer. Skilled and unskilled writers are enormously increasing day by day .

Some are self style journalist where as some are professional however in a dimensional surface if anyone writes that should not be a disappointment to him and to the society in general.

Perhaps, my perspective is to make people aware and informed about the importance of reading, writing and also to encourage interested person to know how to inspire people through his writing. This profession should not only be confined to news gathering but also should convey the reality in such manner that people can grasp it and make himself aware of what is happening around. So that he will be updated and in one or the other it may bring positive change in the society.

Society is very much corrupted which everyone can see in all walks of life. Those entrusted with position and authorities are abusing their power for their own Individual gain, selfish motive or to gain personal gratification.

These so called corruptions have to be eradicated from the society to grow. Corruption in Nagaland had reached zenith where bureaucrats, politician, criminals and civil societies are playing a blame game, not only them but the public in general are also to be blamed for the corruption happening around.

Nagas where once know for honesty and integrity but today's leader with such qualities is only a handful which is a very sad things to see. So few decades’ back bribes were paid to acquire something but now we have to pay bribes not only to get things done but to also pay for what we own.

Corruption in our state can be categorised in two (2) groups:

1.     A group who corrupt the system to make money and

2.     A group who follow the corrupted system.

This has become a serious cancer which has affected everyone like a pestilence stricken multitude so a collective effort is needed to cure this ailment. 

Many young leaders with full determination and zeal makes promises to eradicate corruptions in our society but if given opportunity to hold the power they themselves become the victim.

Writers have great role in building a new Nagaland, The only solution to the problem of corruption is to work together so that corruption can be eradicated in our state. The central government has been taking some steps to curb corruption some such as anti corruption agencies have been set up such as, RTI, the central vigilance commission and PIO have been created for the welfare of the people. Younger generation along with their unified goal must use these agencies to curb corruption.

Here, media can play a great role in curbing corruption; media have the power to root out these evils from Nagaland. Unless people themselves pledge to eradicate corruption, these will continue to escalate/exist. Money is often non- taxtable and stored as black money. Steps should be taken in order to stop corruption if the state desire development.

Young people have significant role to play by availing the opportunity given by the central government and creating awareness programme so that people can walk up from their dreams. Being an responsible citizen and as an amateur journalist my aim is to work for the masses so that, through writing and report people can know the reality.

My Belief, a little writing of an event a cause havoc or can please a section of society. The profession I feel worthy is using my pen as a tool for self-esteem and working for the welfare. So that, positive change can be broth and make the world a better place to live in where there is peace and cooperation. I would like to encourage through democracy for all and i like to eradicate.

To be in media I feel massive love of job is an important and being writer facts should be reveal and journalistic ethic had to be followed rather conveying bizarre news without knowing any ethics which face book and WhatsApp warriors often do so.

Journalism is highly respecting profession, which should not be misuse but should be used to gain greater knowledge and respect as journalism can never be silent. “The Courage In Journalism Is Sticking Up For The Unpopular, Not The Popular” (Geraldo Rivera).