A thought for Mr. Kughalu Mulatonu

Of all Mr. Kughalu Mulatonu’s toilet-paper imaginations rolling out for over a decade, the one which appeared in the local daily on Feb. 20, 2007 under the caption “NSCN(K) says rival in no-win situation” needs to be corrected for I see in it the persona of a man bereft of any moral, ethical and political integrity. I see it as an ultimate insult to not only the two most elderly and respected National leaders namely, NSCN Chairman Isak Chishi S wu and Vice Chairman Khodao Yanthan, but also an outrageous attempt to inject defeatist idea to the Nagas from a politically deranged mind.

I bear no malice towards you Mr. Mulatonu yet how, in the name of Heaven, did you conceive the idea that NSCN Chairman Uncle Swu and Vice Chairman Uncle Yanthan would join your gang? Your SMS to the media proved yet again how isolated you are from reality. I hope your mind is not as crooked as you write. Your irrepressible urge to feed your egocentric mind with lies and deceit are well known. Your attempt to club yourself along with the two legendary figures evoked in me a sense of pity and shame. You talk of luck but unlike you, in their long struggle for their homeland they have never depended on luck. It is the firm determination, astute statesmanship and their faith in the Almighty God which has seen them through all obstacles. Your reckless political monologues to malign the just struggle of the Nagas has astonished me no end and sadly you grow smaller by the day in the eyes of many Nagas, including mine.

Frankly, your idea of nationalism stems from the fact that you have never been a true patriot. When have you really written a line or a sentence endearing yourself to the people? Every outburst of yours is a display of intense hatred for your own people. You have proven yourself a political lunatic incapable of absorbing even a grain of truth from your elders and well wishers. Know that the greatness of our people dwells in fraternity and brotherhood practiced by our forefathers. Don’t be a cactus plant Mr. Mulatonu, they grow only in deserts and Nagalim is not one. Even a school bully knows his limitation against terrorizing fellow students. You know you’ll never earn a standing ovation for your theatrical dialogues. I am afraid Nagas cannot be taken for a ride. They can very much appreciate the good and ridicule the fools as well. Why do you have to be such a loudmouth?

Remember, Naga nationalism is not your cup of tea nor is it about going hammer and tongs against a particular community, tribe, Hoho or a civil society. A leader you are? Where is your leadership quality Mr. Mulatonu? Equating yourself with Uncle Isak Chishi Swu or Uncle Khodao Yanthan doesn’t make you a leader. For nearly 50 years they have proven to the world the stuff they’re made of by leading the Nagas with vision and determination. Please calm down and see what you have done for the Nagas in the past decade or so since your joining your gang. Perhaps it was with good intention then, but today I read nothing sensible but only sheer display of inconsolable cry of banishment of fellow Nagas from their own soil. I do know that you do this simply to please the monster of a shadow standing behind you.

The words ‘terrorists’, ‘terrorism’, ‘sovereignty’, ‘independence’ are now etched deep into your soul and only the good Lord knows what they imply to you. Please allow these facts to filter into your chaotic brain. I have just a couple of points for you. Firstly, the Political talks between the Government of India and the NSCN is unconditional and held at the highest level i.e. at the Prime Ministerial level, as two separate entities recognizing each others history and rights. Now Mr. Mulatonu, you know very well that in your so-called ceasefire agreement, you agreed to “protect and safeguard the law of the land” i.e. India, unconditionally. This is not at all a political dialogue, let alone the issue of sovereignty. Why, do you know the fact that any issue tackled by Indian home ministry is nothing but the law and order problem? Why do you harp on sovereignty for Nagas when it is clear that your gang is a mere law and order problem for India? We do know that you sneak into Jorhat guarded by Assam Rifles, and then taken to Delhi by Indian Army helicopter to brief the home ministry officials on the prevailing law and order issues and get more intelligence inputs against the people. Where is your sovereignty? Sovereignty of the Naga people do not reside in Assam Rifles camps, it cannot be had by collaborating with Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) or any intelligence agency of India. Accepting arms and ammunitions, money and logistic support from India is your idea of sovereign Nagalim?

Secondly, the NSCN and Government of India hold political talks in the third country under the glare of world media. The world recognizes the right and history of the Nagas, come to think of it; we struggle for all Nagas, including your family. Call up UNO or GoI or any organization and ask them if Nagas are terrorists. Trust me, you’ll go red in the face!

Your serving quit notice to a particular community is a blatant violation of the deeply ingrained age old harmony among the Naga family. Where did you derive the authority to claim or disown a part of Naga territory or a community? If you insist that the Tangkhul brothers are not Nagas, I must also have the right to say that you are not a Sumi. You see, Mr. Mulatonu, preaching Nationalism bereft of moral, ethical values and integrity, the same will be heaped twofold upon you. Perhaps, your collaboration with Indian Army and Intelligence and the financial and logistic support you enjoy have inflated your ego to such an extent that it has made you a rogue and not a leader. Is your patriotism confined to the present state of the so called Nagaland? Perhaps your spirit of nationalism burns brightly in some Assam Rifle camp. I urge you to do away with that wanton boy attitude and be sober and rational with the Nagas because the institution of the Nagas is much, much dearer than you or me. If this piece hurts your sentiments in any manner then you’d probably realize how merciless you’ve been with your pen over the years.

T.G. Jimo
P.S. to Yaruiwo