A word for understanding

We are living in such a situation that the people are easier to blame one another than appreciating and encouraging one another. Being critical is a must but undue criticism does more harm than good.

Mr. Neiphiu Rio being a man from my constituency, not of my tribe only, I am concerned that more weightage may be given to his tribe and constituency under circumstances in developmental distribution. As the Chief Minister, he belongs to the people of Nagaland irrespective of tribes and organisations. He was elected to power by the people of his constituency but he was seated at the Chair of Chief Ministership by his party men and his achievements by God’s grace are because of the support of his colleagues and the people of Nagaland. So how far the successes and achievements are, they are the outcome of the harnessed labours of the people of Nagaland in support of him and the Ministry.

Glory belongs to God and in the name of God we have to go forward without retrospective criticism. We owe great indebtedness to the past leaders too. Are the people arrogant because they belong to the tribe of the CM? If so, it is absurd. The people should feel free to give constructive criticism.

Regarding maintaining law and order situation, failure has been what the state government used to. The state government has been a failure from the very beginning up to now. Should the people blame S C Jamir and Neiphiu Rio for their failure to maintain law and order situation? Administration should try to help maintain law and order situation but it is a fact that force cannot be applied during the time of ceasefire except request or appeal or persuasion. Public leaders and NGOs will be of more help than Police personnel or Security forces to avoid factional clash. The best thing is that instead of blaming one another, every possible help should be lent to defuse the tension anytime anywhere. If some ones step out and some others step in, they will face the same fate. The public knows the yardstick of everybody.

A Chief Minister can exercise his power within the ambit of the constitution of India only. He is the leader of the state government but there are several Naga National organisations which are outside of the constitution of India. So whoever is a leader of the state government, he faces a peculiar situation. Every eye focuses on him whether he maintains balance in his treatment meted out to any of the factions. NSCN(K) is opposed to Rio for facilitating the ongoing political talk because they are opposed to it. But for Rio it is not only rational to facilitate the talk whatever organisation is a party to it but also the state government cannot deter from what the government of India is undertaking. So his difficult position should be understood.

Nagas in whatever professions or capacity are all working together to build up the people economically, educationally, politically and spiritually. The state government is harvesting the labours of the patriots of the Nagas and the national workers are also being served and nurtured with the fruits of the labours of the state leaders and workers in many aspects of life.

So as far as possible, the people should have understanding with one another and instead of targeting one another out of hatred and suspicion, all should rise above nasty and petty matters and address the larger and higher issue for the betterment of all.

Rev. L Suohie Mhasi