‘Allegation is an act of malignant’

This is in response to the statements of the so-called NSCN/GPRN, published in all local dailies, dated June 20, 2009 on removal of illegal settlements within the Intanki National Reserve Forest, where unnecessarily dragging my name and other senior national workers alleging to have possessed hundreds of hectares within Intanki National Reserve Forest. The allegation is nothing but an act of malignant to tarnish my image. I am inviting if any one found an inch of land belongs to me within Intanki National Reserve Forest shall be rewarded handsomely.

I am neither a land monger nor a greedy person but true national worker who defends the land from the greedy land mongers. The Intanki Reserve Forest is the only wild Life Sanctuary of Naga people must be protected from the encroacher of land mongers for the posterity of Nagas.

KP Huray
Cabinet Kilonser,