An appeal to the voters of Pughoboto division

Once again an opportunity has come for us to choose our representative. It is our duty to caste one’s own vote by secret ballot system; no one knows whom you are voting but it is an appeal to all the voters to choose the person to represent us.  I feel ashamed to reveal our weakness through the media, but as a Christian, the hard truth must not hide. It causes immense hardship both mentally and physically. We know that Pughoboto sub-division is one of the oldest sub-division in Nagaland with 24 villages and 26 polling stations, but we also know of the road condition of Pughoboto, especially the road from Tseminyu junction to Pughoboto Hd. Qtr.  If you don’t believe me, please ask Goa Governor. He personally traveled the same road some years back. We have no water supply. Hardly some villages have GI pipes connected but no water flowing. Maybe the sate is a dry state so that too has become dry! Government of India is trying to provide electricity to all the villages by the year 2009. But what is the use if line is connected without electricity. For proof, you may ask our former chief minister N.Rio. He addressed a public rally at Pughoboto on February 11, 2008 from 4 p.m to 6p.m without electricity. It is not load shedding as load shedding doesn’t continue for three to four days at a stretch. Yes, there may be some technical problems that causes power failures but even then, most of the time we remain without electricity. The department may sue me in court but at least the basic necessity like roads, water and electricity must be provided to sustain our economic activities and life. 

Whom shall we blame for all these problems? We blame our representatives. Yes, it is the duty and responsibility of our leaders to provide these necessities. But according to me, we the public also have a share of responsibility to make our leaders alert about our problems. The public and politicians have equal responsibility for our backward status. We cast our votes not on directive our conscience but for the sake of money. Then how can we expect development? Many may not agree but we should admit our faults. 

Our contractors and suppliers have equal responsibility too. They may contradict with me but are they really carrying out their works with honesty and sincerity? God knows! I don’t mean that they work at loss. They too have to meet the expenses like departmental charges, tea expenditures for officers, to dark runner and demand from our brothers. But apart from seeing their profits, but they must do their work fro the profit of the people and not their profit alone. 

I am afraid that my area people will banish me like writer Taslima Nasreen of Bangladesh and Rev. T. Shishak for revealing the truth to the people of Nagaland and the world, but how long do we hide our grievances and suffer within ourselves? It is high time for us to choose a leader who can work for us. We must choose whether we want money or development. If we want development, we have to choose our leaders as per the directives of our conscience. Not for money and personal gain. If not, we must be ready to remain underdeveloped for another five years and blame ourselves for the same. Many people blame the MLA but they are elected by us and therefore, why can’t we drive him as per our directions? Our MLA’s too have caliber like other MLA’s, but we the drivers are driving them to the wrong direction.  So the choice is ours. And it is not far from now to remain under-developed and we have to shine like other constituencies. “The Choice Is Ours”

K.A. Jacob, Lazami Village,Jt. Secy., 
Aphuyemi Sumi Kuqhakulu, Kohima