An Indebted Eulogy to Amu Asa V Chishi

One must be wondering why I am writing this indebted eulogy! And why not speak on the funeral itself? But you see my Hero (Asa), our Shining Star. I couldn’t! Because, I was in utter shock to except the reality of your untimely demise and I rush out from my place (Kohima) to help find you and not to wish you good-bye! 

Amu Asa! What a fine gentleman you were. Your boyish handsome looks would sway all the beautiful girls around you. Many young girls secretly admired you; many friends of yours envied you. You were expert in Taekwondo. You even represented ‘Faith in Action’ in India’s Got Talent. You represented Nagaland in many important events; you bought many laurels to your community and your families. You were the Gem and Pride of the family and the Star in making. 

Yet, you were so down to earth. Your sense of responsibility towards your families, friends and colleagues cannot be replaced. Your heart of generosity and the nature of giving, loving and caring of your grannies and elderly people, and taking care of your siblings can never be forgotten. The love for your parents and your close ones, the advice that you gave to your siblings and the positive outlooks that you had and shared with us will always be treasured. Your spirit of humility and the joy that you had in bringing your family and your extended families together will always inspire us. You, in a way was a force binding us closer. You had that beautiful smile which brings joy and happiness to others.

I wish I could emulate you in many ways. Yet, the perfect example you had left us through your short span of life was you having a heart of purity and righteousness. One would never measure how much you had Loved God and People around you. Words are not enough to describe the life you had lived so cheerfully. We are so much indebted to you and no doubt, you have left your legacy and many will follow even in thousand years to come. You have achieved so much in such a short span of life and no wonder, Heaven needed such a Master to be kept in the Heavenly Abode amidst the angels.

I witness a noble man (ATO KÜKAU), the village King crying, the heart of a warrior melting and shedding tears without any embarrassment in front of hundreds as he paid his tribute, just because he has lost one of his best comrades, the most promising and imminent youngsters of his village.      

Amu Asa, you have left that deep void in our heart which can never be filled. Your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, villagers and even your lady friend still secretly shed tears for you. Yet, even though you have left us too early, still, we are so proud of you, for the life you have lived so well. Many would have lived a hundred years old but only few could achieve that immense accomplishment in such a short life span and you are one amongst them. 

I salute you for your life well lived, salute you for your legacy; salute you for the footprint you have left behind for us to follow. For the Holy Words say’s ‘Man is born to die’ and we will sooner or later follow you. So, as you celebrate your eternal life amongst the stalwarts of faith in heavenly abode, we rejoice with you, but as for now, let me bid good-bye to you. Farewell my dear hero Amu Asa and May you Rest in Eternal Peace. Praise the Lord! 


Yours Forever Indebted Amu

Pr Kughavi V Chishi

Vihokhu Village

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