An Introspection

Ramshing M
Social Worker, Unity village

‘A generation which ignores history has no past - and no future.’ - Robert Heinlein

Personal identity and their knowledge of themselves is important because it determines how people value them and reciprocate. If a person have a positive and vivid understanding of their identity they are more likely to relate well to others in the habitat or domain they live in. 

Researchers suggest that other important benefits of social identity include: 

1. It helps foster prosocial actions like caring for other receiving social support. 

2. It helps satisfy the psychological need for esteem from others. 

3. It provides people a sense of belongingness within a social group.

What happens when we lose our self-identity? Or when we fail to maintain it? Well, in one word, ‘catastrophe’. When we lose our self-identity, a series of debacles always tends to follow. Our decision-making ability becomes hindered, we struggle to maintain healthy relationships. Hence, conflicts, inevitable.

Generally people believe in the reliability of historical accounts based on facts. The bitter truth is that, in this present state of affairs some few historians and the so called public leaders manipulate and misinterpret the events according to their political or social leanings or their affiliation with bigoted, ethnic and ‘abled’ classes. Distorting history to please the wolfish predator inorder to patronise and employ those weak-willed to record the achievements of their erroneous accounts.

ltimately, so as, to please those guileful architects they play up his/her acts and edicts by playing down God's generosity freely gifted to the Nagas. Many of us portray the plutocrats as just and generous. It does unabashedly demonstrate our moral decline and lack of integrity. Awake before we continue walking the path of being called a lost tribe.