ANSTA Tsg decries negative attitude towards teachers

Tuensang, May 7 (MExN): Countering the Education department on the issue of “bogus appointment and non-payment of salaries”, the ANSTA Tuensang Unit has alleged that teachers of government schools in Nagaland in general and Tuensang district in particular have come across a number of genuine problems due to mismanagement and the apathetic attitude of the concerned department.

The ANSTA Tuensang Unit president, L Chaba Chang, has stated that instead of addressing those grievances, the Education department has shown, in many cases, a negative attitude towards the teachers. The concerned department, arm-chaired idealistic thinkers, and bureaucrats are never “apologetic” of their misdeeds and “appear to be mishandling the causes”, alleged the Tuensang ANSTA.

The Unit, in a press release, has added that like in other places, unrest over the issue of service continuation of ad-hoc teachers also prevails among the aggrieved teachers in Tuensang district. “Facts, learning from the aggrieved teachers of Tuensang district are quite irritating and need urgent steps to overcome those genuine problems,” Chang stated. 

The Tuensang Unit further expressed support for the stand of the Dimapur and Mokokchung Units that the “bogus appointment is the department’s creation and for last three months not a single bogus appointment is traced out and erring officials who committed the crime within the department, particularly those who are in the directorate of School Education, were allowed to [go] scot-free.” Therefore, the ANSTA Tuensang unit has declared strong support to the movement of agitation of teachers in Dimapur, while at the same time earnestly requesting the higher-ups to take corrective measures “before it is too late”.