Appeal to Director Health Services

With reference to the DHS-3/115/P/WKA/PT/90 and DHS-4/ANM/WKA/93-94 from Akuk Students’ Union for immediate action of Pharmacist and ANM at Akuk Sub-Centre, the Akuk Students’ Union has requested the Pharmacist and ANM several times to improve their duties, but till date they never attended their duties.

On account of this, the villagers’ are facing untold misery due to lack of medical facility.

1.    Every person was compelled to practice the using of syringe without having any knowledge about it. Therefore, who will be responsible, if there is any reaction/side-effect or even lead to death? The concerned department/public/individuals?

2.    As per Government policy, the concerned department were receiving a lot of medicine samples beside medicine for the poor from the Government Department, but till date the public did not get even one tablet from the Department, besides, they have to go 60-70 km for 1 (one) tablet.

To be very frank, we the Union complaint to the Department of Health Services that the Pharmacist recently dismantled his own residence to make an excuse, that he did not have his own residence at the village, besides that, he use to draw monthly salaries without the signature of VHC, Chairman. The ANM visited only for a day since her posting to the village.

Therefore, for the sake of heaven and for the interest of the village, we appeal to the Department of Health and Services to look into our trouble within this month.

L.Samuel Patton
President (ASU)