Appeal to various Christian denominations in Nagaland

Mhonbemo Patton

Through this column, I would like to plight to All Christian communities in Nagaland and to express few words of my personal views i.e. when we consider about the Christian communities in Nagaland, Nagaland is living based on Various Different Christian Denominations, and they are all existing in different way of worshipping, focusing on only “Christ Centered”.

Here my appeal is that for any issues or trends of Nagas society either from any Agency or NGOs related to our Nagas welfare, the Naga Hoho use to represent on behalf of our Naga communities, any issues related to human rights, the NPMHR represents on behalf of all Nagas, and issues relating to students the apex body, NSF is representing on behalf of the students communities. So in the same way, I would like to plight to all Christian communities that, if we can form an interdenominational Joint Christian Forum of Nagaland/Amalgamate for State Level to represent on behalf of all Christian communities in Nagaland, this will bring more unity and strength in our Christian communities because in Nagaland, there exists so many Faith Christian Organizations and various different Christian denominations but almost many leaders and believers are not aware of any trends of Naga issues and update in around the world because the fact is that, any thing related to Christian communities only one denomination i.e.(NBCC) is representing on behalf of Christian communities in Nagaland and the other Christian denominations and Leaders are not aware of any thing. In fact they are sitting like mere spectators and lukewarm. I would like to say that, I am not criticising any official of NBCC but infact, we should appreciate their efforts and contribution to whatever they have done so far. Therefore, I would like to plight to NBCC for the cause of other concern denominations in our state to carefully review my suggestions so that we will not have any discrimination among our Christian communities in our society.

Last but not the least, I also would like to appeal to All Christians that if really we want real peace and reconciliation in our state then we should do away with all the discrimination existing in our Christian field, because as far as we are all concerned, we all have and belief one basic doctrine to share to the sinner that is (John 3:16). As earlier I have stated, that in Nagaland there exists so many different Christian denominations and they all have their own way of worshipping, but with only one Faith i.e. Jesus Christ is our personal savior, (For all) because every child of God wants to go to Heaven but not a miserable life in Hell.