Authorities finally repair Dillai gate-Dhobinala road in Dimapur

Vehicles ply on Dillai Gate to Dhobinala junction, Dimapur. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News 
Dimapur | June 12 

Authorities have finally constructed the stretch of road from Dillai Gate to Dhobinala junction in Dimapur. 
Prior to this however, citizens have had to constantly bear undue hardship for several years when travelling through the road. 

Considered to be part of the National Highway-36 and an important road link connecting a part of the district to Assam, the work had been initiated by the PWD department (National Highways) and funded by the Centre. 

Post work completion, however, there have been no visible signboards or and posters indicting to citizens who had constructed the road. As part of its election manifesto, the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) in 2023 had promised to post the names of contractors and monitoring engineers on prominent signboards. This they reasoned would “promote competition and quality control.”    

Paraphrasing clause IV mentioned its ‘Transparency and Good Governance’ agenda, the party had announced that, “All projects will require the posting of names of contractors and monitoring engineers on prominent signboards so that the reputation and image of the concerned persons are available in the public space.” 

As the party in power, the question arises as to whether this had been merely an empty election promise or merely an oversight.