Banks in Dimapur urged to provide quality ATM services

Dimapur, January 12 (MExN): The Dimapur Naga Students' Union (DNSU) on Tuesday urged banks in Dimapur to maintain and provide quality ATM services to its customers.

In a press release issued by the DNSU Media Cell, the Union stated that it had conducted a survey of ATM booths in and around Dimapur, after receiving complaints from several sections regarding poor services.

“It was astonishing to notice that majority of ATM booths were either out of service or out of cash, and whereas ATMs with availability of cash had queues of more than 20-30 persons at the time,” the release stated.

The Union observed that students are at the receiving end and facing “unnecessary physical and mental harassment” while accessing ATM services, especially at a time when academic admissions are going on.

Stating that it is “totally dismayed” over the poor services, it also pointed out that “ATM service charges are being levied upon its customers, and therefore it is the bounded duty of the Banks to provide quality service to its customers.”

In view of the ongoing global pandemic, the DNSU also stated that random queues outside the functional ATMs without maintaining social distancing protocol is a total breach of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) laid down by the Government.

“Most ATMs do not meet the requirements of standard operating procedures of the concerned banks,” it claimed. 

As such, the DNSU appealed the banks to take into account the aforementioned ‘inconveniences’ and provide proper ATM services at the earliest.