Bardhan’s potshot on NSCN tax collection

This is in relation to the recent visit of CPI General Secretary A.B Bardhan to Manipur wherein he had expressed concern with the NSCN (IM) money collection of Rs 4000 from each of the Manipur bound trucks at Dimapur.

To be fair, all underground groups of the North East (NE) have been collecting money from all available sources in its territories.
By pinpointing the NSCN (IM), Bardhan is working under the dictate of the CPI, Manipur unit, who are against Naga integration which itself is not the end issue of the Naga political imbroglio with the government of India (GOI).

The NSCN (IM) is one point ahead from the rest in the unauthorized tax collection. They have ceased fire with GoI and needs fund to feed the cadres and run their parallel government till a solution is formulated.

National Political parties, leaders and intellectual cannot be stereo typed while speaking of the NE and similar turmoil regions of India. If they really care and love the country and want to resolve the separatist designs, they have to rise above regional interests. It will be immature, counter productive if they absolutely adopt electoral mindset and ignore the ground realities of the Naga integration and Manipur integrity with a human face.

The Indian communists are fast deviating from their ideology of struggle against the world capitalists who exploit the proletariat. In the Naga context they ought to pressurize the Indian Prime Minister, Home Minister and other leaders to adopt a concrete and powerful decision instead of speaking for short-term cures and measures for solving the suppressed Naga issue whose people will not be a thorn to the Indian Nation or to its neigbours.

The CPI as party of the international communists may be speaking of the present fragile Manipur situation with ulterior motives for destabilization of the country and disintegration of the NE region for their mentor the communist China to influence the region.

P. Lakhao, Convenor
Shepoumaramth Rights Watchdog
Hqs: Senapti, Manipur