• Uncertainty in Nagaland
    The current situation in Nagaland is one of utter dismay and frustration. Public confidence in the government system is perhaps at an all time low. As already highlighted in these columns, people are fed up wit
  • No Lights, Failing Roads
    After decades of monopoly of power and the abuse associated with it, the Congress in Nagaland finally lost at the people’s court. Awarded with a mandate, which was extended for another five years, the Naga Pe
  • The UN and 1514
    The United Nations has closely been identified with the decolonization movement that gained momentum in the post second world war era; and was a founding objective of the UN. There are theorists who say that th
  • Preparing for Solution
    It is quite obvious that the period between now and December 2012 will be crucial for the Naga peace process, which includes both Government of India-NSCN (IM) political talks and the Naga reconciliation proces
  • The Olympic Spirit
    The 2012 London Olympics has finally arrived. Close to 10,000 athletes from 204 countries have assembled to compete for glory. While the Olympics is a sporting event and has nothing to do with political or nati
  • State, Discord and Coexistence
    Lessons from the violence in AssamWhat is happening in Assam right now—the violent clashes between minority (Muslim) immigrants and Bodo tribals is a cause for concern. This is not the first time that communa
  • Public Grievance Proliferate
    In Nagaland, every other day there seems to be a new public grievance cropping up. For instance in the last one week or so we have had the candidates selected for the Graduate and Primary Teachers Post under th
  • UPA losing Charm
    The Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) running the government at the Centre for the second consecutive term appears to be losing its charm as a viable political alternative or is it? With another Ge
  • President Pranab and Naga issue
    Pranab Mukherjee will be sworn in as the new President of the Indian Republic today i.e. July 25, 2012. The congratulatory note coming from Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on his and on behalf of the people of Nagal
  • Program Publicity
    It is often the case that in Nagaland we undertake big development programs and projects on paper but on the ground the reality is different. Perhaps it is not commensurate with the amount of funding that we ge
  • Forgetful Govt
    A few years ago, an interesting debating point was put forward in the local media on whether Nagas need a dictator to rule over them given our scant regard for the rule of law, indiscipline and weak authority o
  • Sexual Violence
    The dastardly action of a mob numbering around 50 men molesting a young girl outside a pub in Guwahati city has created outrage, and rightly so, across length and breadth of the country. Mere words are not enou
  • Food for Thought on Municipalities
    Part IX (A) of the Indian Constitution deals with Municipalities in its totality—right from its formation, composition, reservation (including 33% for women), powers & responsibilities (including impositi
  • Soft on Prohibition?
    When it comes to generating discussions or opinions on any given topic, perhaps nothing can beat the flurry of diverse viewpoints or arguments on the issue of liquor prohibition in Nagaland. Each side of the de
  • Organizational Goals & Leadership
    In an interesting development, we are seeing differences emanating on the question of leadership with regard to organizational goals as can be witnessed with regard to what is happening in two very different si
  • Compassionate Nagas
    We did it for faraway Japan when they were faced with the deadly earthquake and tsunami in 2011. At that time a concert was organised by Music Task Force (MTF) under the Nagaland Department of Youth Resources a
  • Responsive & Capable State
    To run a State as compared to say running a family or a business enterprise, it is not the easiest of task and also one should not mix the two because one has to do with public welfare and the other centers aro
  • Manmohan—Time to Move On
    The report carried by Time magazine on India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calling him an “underachiever” is, well not something like a bolt out of the blue isn’t it. It really is time for Manmohan to
  • Roads as National Assets
    It was very distressing to read a news report carried in a local daily about a central road project of 300 plus kilometre and amounting to over Rs 1000 crores being subjected to ‘extortions’ by underground
  • Sangma as Prez?
    BJP-supported Presidential candidate PA Sangma has said that Congress will not have a cake walk in the election to the top constitutional post of the country. Perhaps this is going to be so given the way the wi