• Systemic Change
    Since the year 2000, when N. Vittal, the then Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) declared that the week beginning from 31st October every year would be observed as the Vigilance Awareness Week, all Central an
  • Politics of written language
    History has shown that victors of war have always written history of the people they conquered. This trend tremendously affected the history and identity of many peoples. It can be said without exaggeration tha
  • Politics of ‘Ethnic-Conflict’
    In contemporary politics, the State has ensured that it monopolizes ‘war’ and thus enjoys the prerogative of defining what amounts to ‘war.’ The problems and challenges arising out of these wars have em
  • Delhi 10/29
    The Union home ministry is said to be zeroing in on the Lashkar-e-Toiba for the terror attacks on Saturday in which over 60 people were killed after a series of bombs went off in three separate places inside th
  • Myth - A tool of power
    Mythmaking has so often in human history been used as a political tool in shaping the polity of a State. Was it not the ‘agenda of mythmaking’ that helped the progression and development of imperialism and
  • Sonia’s Call
    With the first part of the power-sharing deal between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Congress in Jammu & Kashmir now drawing to a close on November 2 the political temperature in the drawing boa
  • Building Bridges
    In situations of crisis that has resulted in causing injury and human casualty, there is an acute tendency to focus primarily on offenders, thereby, often overstepping those most affected and victimized. In mos
  • Beyond Khonoma
    With an estimated US$ 3 trillion in annual revenues, tourism has emerged as one of the world’s largest industries, contributing significantly to economies. However, tourism can also be both an opportunity for
  • Renewal
    How does one construct the memories of yesterday which is the past; how does one engage with today that is the present; and how does one prepare to stand face to the mysteries of tomorrow? Perhaps the underpinn
  • Start-Up for ULFA
    After much jostling and pushing the much awaited meeting of the ULFA appointed People’s Consultative Group (PCG) with PMO officials is set to begin in the Capital today. Though the ULFA leadership may not be
  • A Relevant Church
    Naga Church can no longer remain abstract and removed from people’s realities. To be relevant to the people it must have meaning for them in their given situation. If a people are hungry, then the Church must
  • In search of a meaning
    Despite claims of significant technological and economic progress the world is plagued by small wars where 95% of which 90% are caused by small arms. It raises questions on whether the world has not been unable
  • Escape Route?
    The news report about the Nagaland State government turning down the proposal for setting up of a State Commission for Women (SCW) is likely to generate a wave of opinion on whether such a mechanism is at all n
  • Karbi Anglong in Human Terms
    In the aftermath of the recent ethnic killings in Karbi Anglong district of Assam, there is every possibility that the region may turn out to be a fertile ground for human traffickers and where women and childr
  • Human Security over National Security
    While it maybe fair to say that human security and national security are ideally complementing and mutually reinforcing principles, it is true to say that state-centered concepts of national security has threat
  • Democratic Solution
    The visit of Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Sri Prakash Jaiswal on Thursday, October 20 to review the blood let arising out of the ethnic violence in Karbi Anglong District and that after almost thre
  • Grace in Realpolitk?
    Yoweri Museveni, along with other guerilla leaders ousted Idi Amin in 1979, with the backing of Tanzania. He went back to the bush in 1981, after an election which he claimed was rigged and formed the National
  • Jasokie’s Legacy
    The passing away of John Bosco Jasokie, former Chief Minister of Nagaland marks the end of an era in the annals of Naga political history. The imprint left by Late Jasokie is truly exemplary and the stream of c
  • Can we Trust?
    Trust is a powerful virtue that inspires and propels humans to respond in ways that are unimaginable and yet real; for at its core, the power of trust unleashes a mystical and dynamic energy that instills the h
  • Quality control
    The decision of the School Education Department to hold a conference of District Education Officers (DEO), Deputy Inspector of Schools (DIS), Principals, Headmasters and Directorate Officials should be taken as