• Value Education
    TemjenkabaIn our culturally plural society, Education should foster universal and eternal values, oriented towards the unity and integration of our people. Value education should help eliminate obscurantism, re
  • Present tense, Past tense, Future Perfect?
    SenkatoshiGo back! Shame on you! … It’s not your dustbin! These were some of the agitating buzz-words that greeted the former Vice Chancellor of Nagaland University, G.D.Sharma when he first landed in Kohim
  • A Success Story
    Extending the Agro-industry map of India to the North East Region: The Fruit Processing Plant at Punanamei-Mao, set up by Exotic Juices LimitedA breakthrough has been made in the establishment of the fruit proc
  • Peace Talks and My Cup
    Opang AoDimapurCongratulations to dear readers for another twelve months of ‘Please Fire’.  Reading about the Peace Talks between Govt and NSCN (IM) every year has been an interesting thing. It is like
  • The Naga Queen
    Trina and David Child, with the man they call Uncle Yongkong, came into the Home Truths studio to tell the story of a remarkable family legacy and how one woman’s story continues through her daughter...Bored
  • Gender-based emotions?
    Skelly RThis whole area of “male” emotions and “female” emotions continues to confuse me. I’m sure that culturally there’s a lot of indoctrination as to how men “should” feel (or not feel), and
  • Test-tube water babies of Monsoon
    Al NgullieTest-tube babies remain a mind-souping fascination. Forgive my inadvertent ignorance but I’d thought test-tube babies are produced with just a firm shake of a glass tube filled with the …er… con
  • Naga Women: Marching with today’s civilization
    Moala Kashung It is a fact that the modern era is the result of various influences working together. The increase of knowledge, the new social order, the development of new internationalism are some of the
  • Needed, a real Dialogue
    Dolly KikonThe campaign for unifying different administrative units of the Northeastern states inhabited by Nagas has generated ardent critics and supporters. This issue remains one of the most contentious topi
  • An introduction scribbled in the wind
    AyangI do not have the talent to write, I am simply a struggling writer trapped within my own thoughts .But I trust in whatever I write for it comes straight from my heart and not robbed from timeless books, du
  • Popularization of Naga leaders
    Khodao Yanthan, was born and brought up in a humble family at Lakhuti village, Wokha district, Nagaland. Since childhood, he was honest, straight forward and diligent to his daily work. He is an admirer of patr
  • Let a cliché be a cliché, or do something about it?
    Limalenden LongkumerArkong Ward, MokokchungAt the outset, let me congratulate the MDACC for conceiving the idea of organizing the ambitious Naga Idol 2006 and the aspiring contestants who have come forward for
  • I’ll be leaving
    Jungtina  Jamir2:59 am the watch showed. I was still awake. I had received an e-mail from a friend, an atheist friend. Tears flooded my eyes as I read through it. This friend warned me that it would be the
  • Nagaland Chamber Choir visits Redlands church
    REDLANDS - “O-Hi-Yo,” sweet sounds of freedom, echoed through the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church of Redlands on June 6. The a cappella performance wove traditional Naga songs with choral arrange
  • Nagaland may beat Kerala in filling the streets with spittle and sputum before 2010!
    Moszhimo (Niloka Moses Zhimo)Nagas are becoming experts in pulling out every dirty liquid from their deep lungs by making a loud noise, which sounds like a groan of a giant lion. One noon, as I was busy walking
  • A glimpse into sexual harassment
    AyanglaUpon conducting a random survey on sexual harassment, some interesting and unusual results have emerged. The women surveyed were all in the age group of 21-45 years and the topic of discussion was ‘sex
  • If today were my last
    Vishii Rita KrochaI thought about a lot of things today. Maybe I’m really absorbing myself in my thoughts and being in my own world, having nothing much to bother me but a part of me tells me things that I’
  • A letter from Beirut
    RashaDear All,I am writing now from a cafe, in West Beirut’s Hamra district. It is filled with people who are trying to escape the pull of 24 hour news reporting, like me. The electricity has been cut off for
  • Dry State: A Right Decision?
    Nagaland was declared ‘Dry State’ in 1987 and the colossal wave spread to the whole State. However, it must not be forgotten that KNSK, a women organization of Mon District was the pioneer of this historic
  • Goal Setting for success and accomplishment
    Kolacalie Seyie(Delivered at Khonoma Students Union (KSU) Seminar on 15th July 2006.What do we mean by ‘Goal Setting’? The word ‘Goal’ is used in hockey and football games. The players must kick or hit