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  • Viva La Nagaland—Don’t mess with us
     Atsei NeikhaIt is a universal truth that “light travels faster than sound” but you convert it to the Naga version and bingo! You have “The hand shoots up faster than sound”.Just this morning I gap
  • CANSSEA must live
    This is for the consumption of the State Government employees in particular, and the people of Nagaland in general. It is understood that any organization (s) is being established to work for the welfare of its
  • Wasted years
    A. AonokThis is the story of my life….. All I have to show today are wasted years, ruined health and squandered money. I have given nor received nothing but pain and anguish to every near and dear ones. I was
  • Pleas of Inavi Village
    We respect the fact the Wildlife Sanctuary Intangki forest is reserved for the Naga people at large and it is the duty of every Naga to preserve the same. Mention may be made that Beisumpukham village was the f
  • Reconciliation: A new hope for unity
    As per the News Report published in your esteemed paper titled “Reconciliation: New Hope Arises” of the16th June, 2009(Tuesday) regarding the Historical ‘Covenant of Reconciliation” Meeting held at Chia
  • Longleng ‘road show’ shows the way forward
    One of the major activities of the state government this year will be the statewide Road Shows, to be organized monthly in all eleven districts of Nagaland. The State Road Show, conceptualized by none other tha
  • Rejoinder to Press Note
    In order to clear any confusion in the minds of the people I would like to clarify the news item “PRESS NOTE” by E. Nmerio Shitiri, Chairman Pangti Village Council pertaining to NREGS implementation at Pang
  • Hanghu responds to Wangyuh
    I am heart and soul of Nyiewang, Minister School Education & SCERT Nagaland. It is y duty to speak out the details and clear before the people of Nagaland to judge the statement issued on 20.6.09 by former
  • The fact about 25 Naga Children from Manipur
    K. ElaOn 15th June, at around 4:30 pm, I received a phone call from a reliable source that about 25 children from Manipur being taken to Andhra Pradesh were waiting for a train at the Dimapur railway station. A
  • On the Intangki Impasse
    Wetshokhrolo LasuhAs a believer in the need to preserve whatever little natural wealth Nagaland is left with, the attention of this writer has been drawn to the recent and present impasse over the Intangki Nati
  • Aloh responds to Wangyuh Konyak
    This press release is being issued in response to a statement issued by Wangyuh Konyak which appeared in sections of the local media on 20th June, 2009. Wangyuh’s lengthy statement expresses his sudden concer
  • ‘Allegation is an act of malignant’
    This is in response to the statements of the so-called NSCN/GPRN, published in all local dailies, dated June 20, 2009 on removal of illegal settlements within the Intanki National Reserve Forest, where unnecess
  • Raising responds to allegations
    In response to the malicious press statement published in all Nagaland daily papers date 19th June 2009, on the alleged possession of a plot of land of land within the parameter of Intanki Reserve Forest, the u
  • Intanki National Park belongs to the Naga Nation: NSCN
    The NSCN/GPRN once again draws the attention of all Naga general public irrespective of tribe or community to the issue of Intanki Forest Reserve and makes its stands crystal clear once and for all. That the al
  • Land And Western Sumi Hoho
    Joel Nillo KathIn a moment of lust, a beautiful girl was raped by a man. Unfortunately, the accused got away scot free. However, another man, emboldened by the fact that the accused was never caught, went and b
  • Remove All Illegal Settlements At Intangki: GPRN/NSCN
    GPRN/NSCN, in the interest of the Nagas, issue this press statement to clarify certain misgivings and misconceptions borne out of misleading propagandas by individuals and groups with vested interest on the que
  • Rejoinder & declaration in response of TTC
    Reacting to the news article appeared on Morung Express 16th June and Nagaland Post Wednesday June 17th 2009 under the caption Clarification to YAA, YTC statement by Mark murekiu and K.Topan President TTC which
  • Chudi Village Council & VDB expresses shock
    In what could be termed as a shocking move, A. Z Jami held general meeting on June 16, 2009 at 7:00 pm from Chudi Village when the Council Chairman and Secretary, VDB were on official tour. It was learnt that,
  • AZ Jami responds to CVC
    This is in response to the press write up of Yanpvuo, Ex-Chairman of Chudi Village and Yilobemo, alias Nchubomo, Ex-VDB Secretary of the village. Without going into details, I would like to say that being a lea
  • Clarification by Tikhir Tribal Council
    The Tikhir Tribal Council (TTC) is amused by the write up of Shuthung, VDB Secy and J. Shuto, SVC Chairman. This shows how easily they can be taken for a ride by the Yimchunger propaganda machine.The Yimchunger