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  • The people in the hill areas of Manipur deserves better
    Ngaranmi ShimrayNew Delhi Article 371-C of the Constitution of India is a special provision for the “hill areas” of Manipur given in 1972 when Manipur, as a Part C state, was elevated to a full fledged
  • LGBTQIA and Western Ideologies in Nagaland: A discussion
    Rambo Ao Political Science, 4th Semester, Delhi University I would like to preface this by saying, I am currently a university student and these are mere thoughts, opinions and speculations with no fa
  • Money-Honey-Funny
    AV Chophi Chilisa, Mishikito Village“Funny, funny, funny - you’re my honey, honey, honey, I spend all my mo-mo-money on you” so sang the band ‘THE TEENS” in their 1978 song.Firstly, I feel it saf
  • Irrational anti-dog rule in Kuda Village, Dimapur
    Richard.Kuda Village, C-khel, DimapurSir, Authorities at Kuda Village, C-khel has directed all residents to keep their dogs inside their compounds at all times. Failure to do this will lead to "strict actions"
  • Taxation menace and its possible consequences
    Z  LoheThe Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) issued a statement on the harassments of the business community in the Capital in local press dated 6.10.2023 that by “various elements’ incl
  • What have we lost sight of in the modern era?
    Justice is a fundamental social expectation that motivates behaviorAloto H Aye Asuto VillagePeople from all generations and ages have made up our culture today. Over the past 20 years, there has been an in
  • Hope yourself when no one hopes you: A guide to finding inner strength
    Ngipao KonyakDepartment of English, Modern CollegeIn life, we all face moments when it seems like the odds are stacked against us and no one believes in our abilities. It is during these times that we may feel
  • The Ultimate: The Scandal of The Cross
    Dr John Mohan RazuCross is the principal symbol of Christianity that epitomizes the crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of two notorious criminals denoting and branding Jesus Christ – the worst crim
  • Latest Eucharistic Miracle in the Making
    Fr Francis TJ SdbIt was about a month ago on a Sunday, one of the Catholics brought her Baptist friend along for the Mass. At communion time the Baptist Lady was also in the line and the priest inadvertently ga
  • Whispers of the Past: Unveiling the Enigmatic Kachari Ruins of Dimapur
    Dharma Dhaj SonowalKushiabill Village, DimapurNestled amidst the bustling town of Dimapur in Nagaland, India, lie the Kachari ruins, silent sentinels whispering tales of a bygone era. These enigmatic remnants,
  • Trends in Higher Education and Career
    Dr WalunirThere is a renewed debate on the objective of education amongst academicians and academic administrators especially faced with ‘Industry 4.0’: whether education should continue to serve moral or m
  • Predicament of Naga Hoho: A social perspective
    Gwangphun GangmeiSocial Research and Peace ActivistThe Naga society in time past was not an organized society.  It was only with the rising of NNC, the Nagas were awakened to the call for unity of Nagas as
  • Better state
    Avilie NagiDarogapathar VillageNagaland, the Land of festivals, is also the land where corner walls of buildings accessible by the public are covered with a favorite decorative paint, betel nut [pan/tamul] spit
  • Muivah’s service to the nation for 60 years is questionable
    ThomasNNC MemberIt is learned from The Morung Express that on March 23, 2024 (Saturday) the NSCN-IM leaders and workers celebrated the 90th Birthday of Th Muivah and 60 years of his service to the Naga nation.H
  • Chronology: From Backward Tract to Frontier Territory
    Hokato AwomiActivist and Assistant Professor, DimapurThe process of the isolation of Eastern Areas can be traced back to 20th century with the creation of Excluded Area in the Naga Hills District under the prov
  • The project of civilization
    Monalisa ChangkijaWhat separates human beings from other living beings is our ability to speak. So we believe that we are superior to other living beings. But what places other living beings much above us and r
  • Flying Jewels of Nagaland
    Dr Shruti KulkarniButterfly ResearcherNortheast India, one of the most diverse biodiversity hotspots, is home to the Eastern Himalayan Mountain ecosystem, high altitude forests, rainforests, hills, valleys and
  • Melbourne calling!
    The 5 Lessons I learnt in the University of Melbourne, AustraliaDr B Henshet PhomI got an opportunity to be in the University of Melbourne,  Australia to  attend a workshop from  September 2 to 1
  • The Donkey Way
    Rev Loliro KuotsuSingaporeToday, I was reminded that Christ came riding on a donkey to enter Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. He did not choose the horse or chariots even though he was the King of kings. Pretty much l
  • Parable of the wheat and the weeds through a secular lens: An inclusive governance
    IntroductionThe Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds, found in the Gospel of Matthew, offers valuable insights not only in spiritual realms but also in the realm of secular politics. By examining this parable thr