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  • Public clarification
    In view of certain members of the public raising doubts about the competency of the Dimapur District Sports Council to maintain the facility and also about utilization of revenue generated from various function
  • Indigenous Peoples reaffirm common destiny of humanity
  • Background, emergence and victory of Naga Club
    Ever since ancient time, Naga country was a sovereign State, which enjoys full freedom in every sense, governed by the Republican system, with various regions administered by Village Headman, Village elders, et
  • NH 39 Woes: Who are to blame and condemn?
    Can the hill and the valley come together on the National Highways 39 deplorable road condition which is the life line of Imphal and Manipur. Who got the real pinch? It is not only the bus, truck drivers of the
    Medowe KapfoAt present, India is faced with a host of problems of varying urgency and the problem of soaring price is one of the most important problems that our Motherland is confronted with.  The problem
  • The Intensity of Patriarchy in Naga Society
    A shot from Poumai Naga PerspectiveZ.K.Pahrii PouBTC, PfutseroSwami Vivekananda once said, “All nations have achieved greatness by paying proper respect to women and a country can’t progress by neglecting i
  • Nourish unemployment to employment
    Often we come across many educated unemployed youth in northeastern states of India. Hardly people try to reason out what r ways and means to solve this problem. Today, there are many parents who are in dilemma
  • Tongue tied and accented
    Y Merina ChishiA professor once told me that he was rich in a way no one else was. He could speak half a dozen languages and could have a decent conversation in several others. The task of learning a language b
  • Everyday is a gift!
    Y. Atono TsükrüThere is something so splendid, so abundant about Life’s ‘second chances’ that arrive each morning. Perhaps it’s because second chances (or third, fourth, and fifth!) are the golden opp
  • Music as an industry in Nagaland….. a failure?
    Lipokmar TzudirThe declaration of ‘Music as an Industry’ by the Nagaland state government was received with much hype and enthusiasm above and beyond apprehensions of the policies and its applicability.When
  • On ‘Food for thought’ and ‘Confession’
    I was allowed opportunity to preserve in writing the conversation between Ava Kharar, as we dearly address Th. Muivah and Dr Tuisem Madam Margaret and Rev Candid Sareo accompanied him, on a fine day at camp Heb
  • Oil Talk: From welfare to richest State
    Kedi HaraluChampang has suddenly become a hot topic after all these years of silence, but what we have been festering deep within has become a festered boil, ready to burst, which needs to burst, so that all th
  • Violence against woman by woman
    K. Filip SumiWhen we speak of violence against woman, in many cases we assume the wrong doers to be men because other than men there can’t be any other, other than woman. But we know that women can also act v
  • To booze or be abused, that is the question
    Raj K. VermaAziebu Shaiza’s seminal article “adulterated alcohol/ illicit stuff” referred to adulteration of liquor in the state. This, and the brouhaha raked up by the unfortunate demise of the lately de
  • War of Merapani
     (Transcription from Tir Yimyim, August 08, 2007)T. Nokpang JamirThe battle between Assam and Nagaland Police during the last Merapani war ended with the victory of Nagaland Police but after losing some pr
  • Manipur: A failed state?
    Jaideep MazumdarIt is worse than J&K. “Freelance insurgent groups” ensure that even the ministers pay up extortion demands. Not only funds for development, but also those for counter-insurgency operatio
  • Rev. Dr. Tuisem Shishak statement may be viewed rather in the light of its objectivity
    On the event of the burning of Wungram Colony a few months ago I had received an SMS from a friend which read, “In the debris of the Dimapur burning you may also find the debris of the Naga freedom movement
  • Naga political dairy in brief and solution through confession of “sins” thereof
    I. Vitokhe AssumiNaga senior citizenAt times like this, when the people are in confusion for our political solution and confronting the ideas for what to do? And when the collective leadership declared in their
  • Avahan through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    Lolano P. KhuvungA  DIPR  FeatureAvahan is a Sanskrit terminology which means clarion call; call to action; summoning to duty. It supports projects working to prevent the spread of HIV in India throug
  • “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”: On Confession Essay
    U A ShimrayDr. Tuisem A. Shishak’s article “A Confession” created some kind of discourse in the local dailies [24 July 2007]. However, his personal confession is seriously noted by the “hurt” NSCN org