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  • Let me cook my recipes
    Noel ManuelThe term ‘recipe’ is generally associated with cooking. A recipe is a set of instructions that tell us how to cook something and the ingredients that we need for it. In short, a recipe is a formu
  • Imagine Mokokchung
    Imagine Mokokchung a couple of centuries ago. The light of modernity had not yet dawned in our land and I am certain that life must have been pretty hard then. But our forefathers survived! They led a simple li
  • Revelations from the Spirit of the Lord that hinders Naga sovereignty and some other revelations
    VevosolüHuman points of view that hinder Naga Sovereignty:-1. Most of the Naga people (public) blame Factions and National Workers that till they unite, it is not possible to expect Bright Future, as if they a
  • Red Cross Volunteerism
    Rev. Dr. L. TsansoEvery calling is great when greatly pursued. The call for Volunteerism through Red Cross is a matter of pride and values. It aims to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times and all forms
  • Farmers’ Cell-SASRD tour to Thonoknyu
    A programme on Skill Building & Entrepreneurship Development was recently conducted on 6th & 7th November 2006 at Thonoknyu Township which is a Sub- Divisional Headquarter under Tuensang district. The p
  • Humanitarian ground abused
    “There is room for anything bad in Nagaland; corruption can take place in good faith, fratricidal killings can take place in the interest of the public (without consulting the public’s voice!), etc, the goo
  • Smiles all round
    K. ElaThese stories of HOPE help us to realize how much love there is in the world, and how easily we can share it….This short true life story is from a magazine called, MY WEEKLY.( Dec Issue2005). Reading th
  • Violence would be the lifeblood of Naga politics?
    Kaka D. IraluOf late, there have been attempts to twist Naga history in favour of the moderates of yesterday’s NNC leaders. In the attempt, A. Z. Phizo and all our courageous leaders of yesterday are being pr
  • A great favor done
    Rejoinder to the expulsion order from Namri Nchan which was published in some local English dailiesAs per the letter dated 02/11/06, with reference no. POCAC/Gen-l/06, Namri Nchang, Convenor of Peren District C
  • A word for understanding
    We are living in such a situation that the people are easier to blame one another than appreciating and encouraging one another. Being critical is a must but undue criticism does more harm than good.Mr. Neiphiu
  • Mutual cooperation in the service of our people
    In spite of fervently requesting ceaselessly to make a peace family and a repose country by elders, leaders, various organization, union and individual lovers of our people, purposely attacking and killing of o
  • “A Believer must not take Medicine”
    At the outset, I would like to state that the purpose of this article is not to support or either to criticize groups or any individuals or state that God does not heal without medicine but to show from God’s
  • Let me respect my elders
    Noel ManuelI was often reminded by my parents to look up to people who are older to you in good words, good actions and good thoughts. Not aware of what they really meant by this, I thought it necessary to ask
  • Nagas’ demand of unification is legitimate
    Many attempts were made by the Indian Govt. for the last sixty years to suppress the Naga freedom movement through military means but never borne fruit. This futile attempt made them realize now that the Naga p
  • Revelations From The Spirit Of The Lord That Hinders Naga Sovereignty And Some Other Revelations
    Human point of views that hinders Naga Sovereignty:-1. Most of the Naga people (public) blame Factions and National Workers that till they unite, it is not possible to expect Bright Future, as if they are only
  • Paradigm shift in thinking among our factional leaders
    The past is important and no one can deny that past to understand the present situation. Yet today we have to set our goal right and so the shifts in our national leaders thinking have to reconsider and may be
  • Nagas should unite for a common goal
     It is the birth-right of the Nagas to be free from foreign rule and live together as a big family under one administrative unit. No power and authority on this earth has the right to suppress the aspirati
  • People are fed up of factionalism
    In such a terrifying and complicated situation, certainly nobody dares to speak the truth for fear of consequences. But as a concerned citizen, I feel it imperative to share my personal observation on the preva
  • A concern thought for the consumers
    Ketholelie AngamiI would like to pose this question to the general public:1. Are you satisfied with the hike of prices in the essential commodities?2. Are you going to be silent spectators?You cannot be blamed
  • Freedom to secure life and property
    Nagas are freed:- when we talk about freedom what will primarily strike a Naga mind is political freedom. Yet, what stroke my mind by the turn of events, particularly the recent events in Nagaland vis-à-vis th