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  • The Ultimate Search
    Sentilong OzukumBernard Levin, perhaps the greatest columnist of this generation, once wrote an article called 'Life's Great Riddle, and No Time to Find Its Meaning'. In it he spoke of the fact that in spite of
  • Tapping our resources part iv: is it feasiable to have a Refinery of our own in Nagaland?
    Kedi HaraluJust recently as I had written on natural resources in Tapping our resources Part I, II, and III, I had a lot of feedback, especially by those who have knowledge on natural resources, especially dril
  • Naga Homes: Some Bitter Home Truths
    K.ElaProdigals Home          A young teenage girl was found to be pregnant. The guardians were shocked. A married man, a father of teenage daughters (the same age as the pregnant girl)
  • Tapping our Resources-Part III
    “It is time we changed all this, for it is now come to a point where we either move up the ladder or be swallowed by the snake.”Kedi HaraluThe recent news item which appeared in some local dailies were in a
  • Elementary Education in Nagaland
    An Approach to the Development of Educational PlanThe State Planning should help establish the specialization appropriate and imposed by the geography and manpower skills of each district of Nagaland. The State
  • "Alternative Dispute (Conflict) resolution"
    Dr. Kishore JadavThe term "Alternative Dispute Resolution “encompasses a variety of methods or techniques that are used as an alternative to full-scale court processes. This involves a neutral third person to
  • Mocking People’s Government?
    Medowe KapfoWinston Churchill was once asked the qualifications for a politician. Without Hesitation, he answered, “It is the ability to foretell what will happen tomorrow, next month, next year,- and to expl
  • A brief traditional landmark and history of Eno Vodzüno Kenia-u Meyase
    Since many years ago, Eno Vodzüno Kenia-u Meyase lived in Raüma (Gaili) Village with the following boundaries:North: KhuovarüSouth: Tazamba (Resting Spot)West: NphorüEast: DarüSince then there was no bound
  • Discrimination to North East People – On Record
    The recent unreported cases of discrimination meted out to North East India communities according to the sources reaching to North East Support Centre & Helpline, just few to mention: On November 9, 20
  • Strong Support to NSF on backdoor appointment & job policies
    The Dimapur Naga Students' Union (DNSU) strongly support the Naga Students' Federation (NSF) stands on backdoor appointment in Government departments and on regularizing contract and ad-hoc Government employees
  • On NSCN (IM) diktat on contract works in Naga areas
    The above NSCN (IM) Azha (order) given coverage by the Manipur and Nagaland newspapers recently (3. 11. 2007) on contract works under the government of Manipur in Naga areas needs its approval is not a surprise
  • Dream Weavers
    MEDOWE KAPFOThe Embodiment of Enterprise, Determination and Perseverance of the genius minds of extraordinary people and their exceptional thinkings which are beyond the capacity of an average men’s digestion
  • Review Education System
    K. Fillip SumiEducation shouldn’t be thought of only as a process where academic lessons and achievements are constantly made the ultimate goal. If must spread beyond that and should facilitate us to attain v
  • Influx of illegal immigrants
    There is an all round failure in the NE region particularly Nagaland to come to grips with the problem of illegal immigration. The problem of illegal immigration in Nagaland particularly in Dimapur has now beco
  • Leadership is what we need to look for, in this coming General Elections
    ”……..a true leader is willing to be in a team, for advancement and development comes only through teamwork and it is dangerous when it becomes a one man show.”The coming General elections is going to be
  • The growing importance of media in north-east India
    Oken Jeet SandhamI was the only one among the dozens of top brass of the Indian Army to see off the visiting British Army Lt General Michael Rose who came all the way from Britain to pay homage to their 2nd Wor
  • Potentials of Beekeeping in Nagaland
    Introduction:Bees and Beekeeping contributes to sustainable rural livelihoods not only through production and sale of honey and its bi-products, but also through maintenance of biodiversity and increase in crop
  • Nagas under bondage of curse
    Why don’t we understand the need to make peace? Why are we under the bondage of curse? Facing problems mentally, physically and never getting peace of mind. It affects every organization, groups and the whole
  • Towards unity and reconciliation
    “Unity and Reconciliation”; a much needed essence to Naga freedom movement. However, to me it suits well with, “Peace, Reconciliation and Unity”.  Whatever may be the head or tail, for me, it’s a
  • International day for preventing exploitation environment in war and armed conflict
    Agnes KrochaWho has heard of wars and conflicts that cause no destruction? As said by the former UN General Secretary, Kofi Annan, "Whatever its justifications, war brings unspeakable horror to combatants and c