Integration an ongoing process

V Vashum 

Integration is not a one day event but an ongoing management process in every area of Naga community life. The emotional and political passion guided by a strong teaching of God’s principles are the everlasting force in making Naga to be truly integrated as one people in remaking a dignified nation. Integration processes will help us to understand how far we have gone as one united people in forming a nation. Look at Jewish people who are the best examples for Nagas. Integration as Jewish people suffered throughout the history under different kings and nations. Even today, Jewish could maintain their own culture distinctively through the laws and promises of God even though they lived in different countries. Likewise, Naga as one people needs continuous management of our social, political and cultural life. We need to simplify and refine our values, strong belief, mindset and nurturing our political passion by giving a community integrated education in every family, church, school, and community organization at large. Therefore, I see a higher perspective on our integration with the basic greater parents’ initiatives for children in building Christian values and characters. If not, many social problems will become the issues for our integration amongst ourselves with the failure of Christian homes in Nagaland. 

Integration is not only the responsibility of NSF or Naga HOHO but the commitment and participation voluntarily from every Naga is essential and it can make a significant development if we have actions plans in every level of organization and community. Most importantly, the willingness of the hearts from every Naga to share with one another their love will instill the true Nagaism in the 21th century. In the process of integration, there will not be a place for selfishness, family background, nepotism, corruption and extremism but it will be totally based on merit, equality and justice. In this way, Naga will able to continue building an inclusive and gracious community. 

To build an integrated society, it needs a clear laws and refined cultural management which will direct and monitor the community administration for fair treatment to every Naga and foreigners who reside in Nagaland on Permanent Resident Card (under foreign acts). As the people get seriousness of integration, they will work for its success more than our expectations. However, Naga HOHO or NSF may remain a guardian of the integration for its direction, implementation and organizing its integrated programs, activities, events, projects and awards. There will be many generous donors and patrons for the said programs for it is a worthy cause in building a united people. We will also see more colleges and schools taking more responsibilities for the integrated vision to be fulfilled in their respective positions and capacities. 

Naga need brainy men and women to lead us with integrity in making an integrated community at this point of time. The kind of collegiate leadership can work beyond physical territory as a team by embracing the same passion and vision for our future generation. Sometimes, they will not be popular as they will face different challenges by giving unpopular decision at that particular time. But that will show that they are true leaders for Naga. Leaders sometimes make mistakes but we can not forget them because they have made many good contribution towards our people. However, their sacrifice will pave the way for greater integration. Few Naga MLAs are concerned for their positions in Manipur in the recent saga of integration. But integration will create better positions for us to grow our leadership to higher level. Our behavior will show our commitment to Naga integration. And we must know that we are making a foundational history, therefore, a strong sense of conviction to be a part of history for even few months of resignation from the positions endorsed through the power of public electorate will make a landmark for Naga. When the common Nagas become more mature, responsible, sensible and intelligent, our process of integration as one people will be a safer and easier game for the leadership to play a key roles for the total integrated nation we desire. In the process of integration, there will be few intruders who oppose such vision and programs due to their short-sightedness and narrow political interest for power. 

Recent years, when US shot down the Chinese aircraft in the southern China Sea by telling Chinese that it was mistaken while having routine military air exercise. It created a huge indignation and humiliation against Chinese by US. In response to this humiliating behavior of US, Chinese University students unanimously resolved to study double hours in order to compete against US in order to safeguard their political rights for the future of Chinese. Likewise, our Naga young people need to cultivate this kind of positive competitive spirit by working hard and learning new knowledge and that will be the only vehicle for Naga to transport us into a new future as integrated people. Our education system and the value of having a good Christian home is the foundation that will support to build an integrated Naga community. 

Another example, look into Japanese society, there is integrated homogenous people and whose commitment and united effort could produce many brands of products in the international markets today. They are well organized and culture people as one Japanese. Their food restaurants in Singapore and in US are outstanding in their products and services. With a strong home backing, Japanese could penetrate into different cultures and countries. But at home, they have a good democracy under brainy leadership. Therefore, our integration as one people depends entirely on the intelligent and hard working attitude of the whole the Naga people. Actually, our competition within the Naga community must be considered as positive motivational force in order to upgrade our competency and standard in order to face the greater global challenges. In this way, we need to have broader perspective and deeper sense of interpretation of our integration. And we need to accept one another by the principles of tolerance and pluralism in order to give opportunity for creativity, innovation and intensive knowledge based society. To allow all these fulfill, we must allow open discussion and freedom of _expression to create political strategic planning and also excellent leadership in stead of using tribal gun power and any kind of intimidation behind in the scene that only lead us into dark side and loss our future in the hand of enemy.

(The writer is a social worker based in Singapore)