Where is the chairman’s say in this?

Referring to some local dailies, where Thungdy Chang, Chairman TTC stated that the GI pipe is more appropriate for hill areas, which indirectly supported the PHED in connection with gravity water supply to Tuensang town is questionable.

When a joint representation from NGO’s and public leaders of Tuensang was submitted to the Chief Minister, the chairman himself was one of the signatories, and it was learned that he encouraged the NGO members not to surrender on any ground.

Moreover, he also said that if necessary he would lead the public to dismantle the GI pipes which is half done from Changdang main source. Where is his word? Can this kind of person lead our people?

No doubt, a person who takes the selfish advice and kills the right of the common people is not a leader but a foolish follower. The Chairman of TTC is not above the NGO’s, so he has no right to direct or advice when NGO’s are fighting for the common cause. Of course, Thungdy is individually not a bad person but it seems that he was impressed by someone who is more powerful than him.

Tuensang people maybe backward economically but not spiritually and mentally when compared to those of advanced people. When we heard about TMSF, fighting for water supply to Tuensang, we were very happy and encouraged but now we regret to say that such a big and powerful student’s organization has stopped to take any further step. Maybe TMSF’s understanding with PHED is right in their own part. But NGO’s should not stop to fight for the original plan sanctioned by the central government.

Ato Chang
Akhumty Sangtam
Among Yim 
(Bazaar ‘C’ sector, Tuensang)