Towards a new nationhood of the Naga people

K Prongo

A Spiritual Insight

It is not because God relishes denial that it is not given to all men to see all their dreams fulfilled in the manner of their own seeking. It is because the thing that God reserves for those whom God has chosen for a great and noble purpose, far exceeds all they can themselves dream of, that God prepares them for God’s work through what appears, seems and feels like the painful path of denial and negation and yet in reality constitutes God’s refining.

To be denied the object of our prayers, to be denied the thing we cherish, hold dear to our hearts and yearn to fulfill, causes us to experience prolonged pain and suffering and in that is the refining of our hearts, a chastening of the spirit, until both the heart and spirit are emptied of self and all considerations of the self. And thus ready to be filled with God’s love in utter self surrender. And ready to do the bidding of God and God’s work. And this is no denial. It is fulfillment beyond our asking. For that one, and that people are fortunate who experience denial of their own plans for a time only to be chosen for fulfilling God’s greater plans for ourselves and others: For all God’s children: For the Nations and peoples of the world! So be it for the Naga people. And may there be comfort in this for the Naga heart.

The Naga Nation

Whatever the course of their history, there is no denying the reality of the now deeply established, deep rooted sense of nation-hood shared by the Naga people. Let that feeling of nation-hood be cherished and held dear and held fast by the Naga people. And let it be so recognized, accepted and honoured by others

We say this notion of nationhood, so recent in terms of political history, is deep rooted, for it takes us, as it perhaps has doubtless caused the Naga Christians to identify their own sense of nationhood in the Old Testament scriptural promises to ancient Israel even before it acquired a political structure and identity.

“I shall make you into a great nation” is the original covenant promise of God to the patriarch Abraham. And indeed we see therein and following the text further that the concept of the Nation as conceived at that long ago origin is one that defines a special relationship between God and a people. For such a Nation looks to God for all guidance and providence and honors and loves God above all else. God and God’s love are the noblest and truest goal and object of man’s quest and aspiration. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength”. This is the commandment much later reiterated by Jesus Christ. And it becomes the Greatest Commandment of all times for all time to come when combined with the next, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. For Jesus states, “There is no commandment greater than these”. A nation so guided and so determined to live shall be a blessing unto all humanity. And it shall be free to do God’s work. So be it for the Naga people for it is a great spiritual challenge.

A Nation Without & Beyond Boundaries!

Such a nation-hood is not bound by and held within territorial boundaries. It is shared by a people regardless of boundaries and extends beyond boundaries. Provided Naga leaders and Naga people find themselves willing to consider and dwell upon such a concept and definition of nationhood to make it their own, there is great work to do in building up the People, spiritually, morally, ethically, socially, politically and economically. And such an orientation facilitates it.

There is great reward too! For in essence the Nation is committed to God’s work. Work directed to ushering, promoting and establishing the true Kingdom of God on earth, in which all of us learn to recognize, honour and cherish the Universal brotherhood and fraternity of all humanity and learn to live together as children of one living God!

There are other dimensions of the reward. For a hundred years hence, in all their inspired spiritual strength, the Naga people will have as their own, a vast playing field and area of direct influence; all of Nagaland / Nagalim, all Manipur, all of Assam, all of Arunachal: Why! All of India and all of Myanmar.

And be the very salt of life wherever they reside in the spirit of universal fraternity of humanity. And they shall be blessed. And they shall all prosper as the chosen and blessed of God. And presently in the context of the Peace Talks and Peace Process, such orientation may lead to peace, honourable, acceptable and durable with all neighbours.

Note: This is only the seed of an idea and thought to be elaborated upon at length.