In the vortex of the system

There is a saying that “Once you get into this, follow me: the system”. That means whether good or bad one has to inure the system. Today most of the educational institutions -system-ridden- are absorbed in tug-of-war : for and against.

Nagaland University, the bastion of education, is not the exception. Tussles between the learners and the learned, between the learned and the administrators, have been in vogue since its inceptions. A combination of three confused parties : students, teachers and administrators- have made our highest learning institution more confused.

From my layman’s point of view something is missing in the system. We have to think about why has NU has become like an “agitated mart”? And why this university is unable to run neck and neck with others? The die hard habit of turning deaf ear to redress the grievances is the ultimate result of agitation or dharna in the university. Finding no hope students often resorted to boycott classes and office functioning. There is no reciprocal exchange of ideas, feelings and programmes within the family.

The strength of a university depends not on the administration alone. There are three pillars which act as buttress in a university : students, teachers and administrators. Coordination between them is a must. If any of the aforesaid pillar is unable to keep pace with the other, the word “improvement” will continue to stagnate on the periphery of learning institution.

Students are the most neglected group in our university. How good and effective it would be if NU invites proposals, suggestions, views, comments etc., from the students’ community! Let them to have their say! Doesn’t sound good?

While sticking much to the system, NU has failed to find out the grey areas. “This is the system you have to follow”. As simple as that. How long should the students remain in quietism? I believe, there is nothing wrong in redressing the grievances. Time has already come for the students to participate even in the policy making to help improve our learning institution. Can NU accommodate place to the students to partake?

Of late, local media carried the real “grim picture” of the highest learning institution in the state; in which the students were deprived of setting even in the wooden chairs inside the classrooms. Then, whose university is this? Who is to blame?

Maladministration of academic institution is responsible for indiscipline among students. Examples are not wanting even when teachers are exploited by the administration and management, and the former have to enlist the student help to voice their problems.

I would like to say that most of our administrators have not bothered much to understand the nature and dimensions of problems facing by the different departments in the university. They have also failed to properly assess hopes and aspirations of the students. If they don’t understand the university’s basic problems properly, how can we expect them to offer right and quality education?

The harsh reality is that yesterday’s expectations may not be relevant in today’s changing scenario. After all, hopes change. So do expectation. Also, on yesterday’s assessment we cannot offer solutions today. If such attempts are made, results may not be entirely to the satisfaction of a learning institution.

NU have miles to go, it needs a promising start to deliver the required goods. 

Deptt. Of Mass. Com & Journalism
Nagaland University