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    The Naga Students’ Federation extends warm greetings on the occasion of Teachers’ Day celebration 2023 to all the teachers across the Naga homeland. The Federation conveys our deepest appreciation on the ro
  • A Teacher: Life Changer and Nation Builder
    Prof MK SinhaProfessor of Economics, Nagaland UniversityStudents are gearing up to celebrate 2023, which is observed on 5 September every year to mark the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who wa
  • Teacher’s Intention and Generation Creation
    Pankaj SinhaDimapurThe Teachers have utmost importance in the world of teachers and real education. It is also most important role of teachers in the fact of world teachers. The teacher’s Day comes every year
  • “It does not matter”
    Monalisa ChangkijaThere was this small PTI news, which I thought was very instructive. Said news report (datelined New Delhi, August 4) didn’t seem to attract much traction perhaps because it couldn’t be se
  • Just a random thought
    Hanso ChangTuensangFor the past few days the issues concerning the student community of Sao Chang College have circled the media fraternity and the people. The students of Sao Chang College are struggling every
  • Objection to Kohima DC’s notification on indigenous status
    The attention of some “Concerned Citizens (CC)” is drawn to a news item published in the local newspapers dated 22.08.23. It is learnt that the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Kohima, Shanavas C, IAS had (quote
  • Article 371A: Scope, Limitations and Challenges
    When Nagaland (erstwhile Naga Hills and Tuensang Area) was given the status of a State by the Constitution (Thirteenth Amendment) Act, 1962 in the Indian Union, Article 371A was inserted into Part XXI of the Co
  • Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act: A boon or a bane for the state?
    Y Mhonchumo HumtsoePost Graduate Program (International Relations), NECU DimapurSo much has been written and discussed about the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act. So, to cut a long story short, the NLTP Ac
  • The science of muscle recovery
    Gayatri ChonaIANSlife Hitting the gym or putting in a home workout sesh using a YouTube video to guide you is just half the battle. What’s as important is what comes right after. The food and drink you c
  • Teachers Please: Do Not Be Myopic, but Be Scientific
    Dr John Mohan Razu Schools are considered as temples of knowledge. Learners go to schools to acquire knowledge and academic skills. Teachers are like potters, who make pots, plates and bowels out of clay.
  • Weather based Integrated Agro Advisory for September 2023
    Vegetable Science – Aabon W Yanthan1.    As season for cultivation of winter vegetable approaches, some recommendations on winter crops are as follow-I.    Recommended
  • Why is Guava better than Apple?
    Hau Ngaih Lian and Konjengbam Ramit SinghGuava (Psidium guajava L.) is a popular fruit crop known by various names, such as the "apple of the tropics" or the "poor man's apple." It belongs to the Myrtaceae fami
  • Representation of 8 Naga MLAs has solved the present political imbroglio
    K TherieFormer Finance Minister, Nagaland.BJP and NDPP did not seek mandate to implement agreed political solutions. They removed R.N. Ravi from Governorship as he was pressing for solution. They had resolved i
  • September 1 is Mithun Day
    Veterinary Hospital KohimaMithun, the state animal of Nagaland, has been officially recognised as a food animal by the FSSAI with effect from September 1, 2023. To commemorate this milestone, the ICAR NRC-Mithu
  • Naga Club and Simon Commission
    Thepfulhouvi Solo, IFS (68) RetdThe Naga National Council [NNC] was formed at Wokha on 19 June 1946 and had no Flag then. Innocently, if ignorantly, someone wrote a small Book on the Naga Club said:“In 1917 d
  • ‘Manipulation and destruction of social bonding will end emotional brotherhood’
    Media Cell WC, NNPGs Once more WC, NNPGs reiterate that irrespective of factional affiliations, artificial boundary or ideologies, it is very clear that all Nagas are one by stock, race, early history and c
  • The retrogressive culture
    Z Lohe The Nagas are found to be fond of being unique. Not only the Nagas but other communities living in other places are also unique in the creation of God. No race or community is bereft of its uniqueness.
  • Senior Citizens Association of Nagaland makes an appeal
    Nagaland like other developing states in the North East of India and other developing communities all over the world is today faced with many challenges with regard to quality of life, availability of services
  • My Mother's Hands
    A Anato Swu Satakha town Zunheboto Coarse and wrinkled are my mother's hands today, but oh, they were soft and smooth when they first held and welcomed the newest arrival into the family with great joy.
  • Bollinger Band: A Trading Tool for effective Technical Analysis
    Ranjan Das Assistant Professor, Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) Online trading has revolutionized the way individuals and businesses engage with financial markets. With the advent of digital plat