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  • Understanding Christian fundamentalists
    The publication of “The Most Evil People in the World” by Doug Soderstrom seems to have stirred up quite a hornet’s nest. I am not in the habit of commenting and responding to angry “letters to the edit
  • One moment, Mr. Roughton
    As a young Naga and a Christian believer, I feel the need to respond to Mr. John Roughton’s letter that appeared in the local dailies on the 23rd of April ’06, calling for a boycott of an “anti-Christian
  • Reply to T L Angami on separation of judiciary
    For this few days there has been much hue and cry made by none other than a person by the name T.L. Angami about his unhappiness over “separation of Judiciary from Executive” which if not replied will be ca
  • CANSSEA acknowledges show of Unity
    The Confederation of All Nagaland State Services Employees Association (CANSSEA) thankfully acknowledge the unprecedented show of Solidarity, Unity and oneness being  complemented and supplemented by the c
  • KWS seeks clarification
    The Khezhakeno Welfare Society Dimapur District also support the news item of KWS Kohima which appeared on 14th April 2006 as “KWSK clarifies false representation” in one of the local daily in response to t
  • Uploading of Government notifications on CIC website
    Community Information Centres (CIC) were setup in all the 52 (fifty two) RD Blocks in Nagaland in the year 2002. Since its inception, the CICs have been of great help not only to the local public/community but
  • Gifting your child ‘Patience’
    Noel ManuelThe gift of patience is among the most interesting virtues of parenting. Good parenting or teaching stems from the ability to bear or persevere during the most challenging and adverse situations. To
  • The reign of ‘knowledge’
    Having graduated from an IIM (Indian Institute of Management) just last month, I find myself one of the very few Nagas who have crossed this platform of education. Many still remain unaware of what the CAT (Com
  • More support on demands of graduate Engineers
    On the letter to Editor which appeared on the daily paper on 13/04/06 about DITTE, we would like to add a few points in additions to that letter. We fully support the demands made by the persons concerned and t
  • Politicized insurgents or subverted politicians?
    The cry for peace by the Naga is probably heard by one and all excepting few deaf ears who had made their entry into Nagaland’s seat of power by their stand on Reconciliation between various faction and at pr
  • Economic sovereignty versus political sovereignty
    Present economic condition in NagalandNagaland is completely a hilly state with a population of nearly twenty lakh citizens. It has almost nil state revenue. Economy of the state is entirely dependent on Delhi.
  • Rapes and punishment
    Well, of late, the media is quite rife with news of the sternest possible punishments being awarded to the criminals, particularly the rapist. What is very commendable is the prompt verdict by the Alwar fast-tr
  • Gambling Job at Risk
    Recently on 6th April, tranquilly combed with fresh tocsin mind, anxious and patiently, like many other applicants, I was waiting outside the office and hopefully expecting to hear my roll number being called o
  • Non-recruitment due to ban on post creation
    Through this column we would like to bring forward the public’s attention to the Department of Information Technology & Technical Education. It is learned that the Department has still not recruited any d
  • Gifting your child ‘Quality Time’
    Noel ManuelThere are actually only two experiences that we have with ‘time.’ How we choose to spend it or how we choose to earn from it. As in the case of money, we also use the principal verb ‘spend’ a
  • Former DCC President Phek on joining NPF
    Though this press communiqué, I share my happiness in joining NPF party and heartily extend my gratitude to hon’ble Chief Minister Mr.Neiphiu Rio a modern dynamic Naga leader and state NPF president Dr. Shur
  • A Night of Courage and Hope
    K SaniThe sharp contrast in the synchrony of a young girl’s dulcet voice and a man’s husky voice numbed the cold silence of the night and the sporadic rain outside. “Life is worth living, and I can face t
  • Rebuttal to Finance Commissioner’s clarification
    I appreciate the effort of the state investigation teams probing into various scams, particularly fraudulent pension withdrawals. But the manner and style in which the Finance Commissioner has clarified to the
  • Reflecting on the ‘mass rape’
    The case of Manorama Devi was important. It was important because it pricked the conscience of all. It was about gross violation of Human Rights. It was rape. Rape that is unfamiliar to the civilization of Indi
  • ‘Traditional cure for AIDS, cancer’
    This is in reference to the article “Traditional cure for AIDS, cancer at Agri Expo” published in your newspaper on March 30th 2006. It is disturbing that this report publishes and endorses a claim for a cu