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  • A presentation to our Naga people
    Realities do not allow us to remain silent spectators but compel us to present our views to our people as follows:1.    The Nagas are of the same blood with cultural affinity but are strange
  • Dzüko controversy
    The recent news items on Dzüko Valley and the land ownership disputes between a section of the Chakeshang’s Khezakhenu and the Poumai’s of Tungjoy areas appearing in the local daily news papers of Manipur
  • About the exhibition on human origins, genome and people of India
    The question of human origin has fascinated scholars as well as laypersons since long. Probably the most debated issues since mid-nineteenth century were related to evolution of life on earth from simpler forms
  • Akuluto Range Students’ Union surprise checking
    The Akuluto Range Students’ Union headed by its President Zhukheto Sumi undertook a surprise check on all the existing offices in Akuluto Town. While in some offices, officer incharge was present and the need
  • Let me undress my weakness
    Noel ManuelWe all have shortcomings. This blemish on our character varies in degree and nature from person to person. The faster we learn to associate ourselves with our shortcomings, the quicker we get to unde
  • For reservation, without reservation
    T PradeepSuddenly, we are into another storm. As usual, we have shown that our interests and solutions are only peripheral. I have been concerned about the issue, but hesitated to write, as in our developed soc
  • Complaint against irresponsible official of SBI Kiphire Branch
    Through this esteem column, I would like to raise a complaint against the bank manager Kiphire branch, which lacks the introduction of modern facilities for the rural people like Kiphire district and his irresp
  • Present scenario of Nagaland and appeal to all the Naga Leaders.
    I would like to share my personal observation and suggestions to all the Nagas, these few things.Observation: - 1) Using the banner “Nagaland for Christ and killing each other “.2) Peace with enemies but ki
  • Will the Nationalist listen to the Naga common people
    Presently the various Naga Nationalist are involved in ‘Media War’ which I believe is not taking us anywhere except creating more confusion to the already confused state. Any sensible Nagas know what had ha
  • Fresh crisis in the Middle-east
    Kesonyü V YhomeCasualties pile up along Israeli-Lebanese border as tensions run high in the middle-east in the wake of the latest round of violence in the region. Incessant Israeli airstrikes on the one hand a
  • Indecent dress-up and social malaise
    Looking at the way some of the fashion fanatic girls wear their dresses these days perhaps makes one wonders what prompts them to be too lewd and blatant in the public places. It seems those girls are indiffere
  • Citizen’s power: get enlightened & empowered!
    Call it as you like - the new freedom for citizens or the guardian of transparency. It is almost a year now since the Right to information Act came into force on Oct.12th 2005 last, Nagaland hopes to stand firm
  • Star Gaze
    Vishii Rita KrochaIt’s not often that I stroll out while the sun slowly seems to retire for the day and changes its direction to shine for another part of the world. But when I do, I don’t forget to see how
  • Some thoughts on the Indo-Naga Peace Talks
    N. Chamroy If the frequent claims of the Prime Minister’s Principal Interlocutor, K. Padmanibaiah to settle the Naga Issue ‘within the Union’ or ‘Within the Constitution of India’ is any indicato
  • Minutes of the Workshop for Nagaland University & Principals
    19th July 2006, Hotel Japfu, KohimaA Workshop for formation of Red Ribbon Club (RRC) was organized by the Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS) with University & Principals of different colleges on th
  • Time to ponder, time to act, a call to the Naga citizens
    At this crucial time when Indo- Naga issue has reached a point of either to come to an honorable settlement with a true democratic frame work or to go back to the bloodbath once again. Regretfully at this diffi
  • Greetings on inauguration of Community Hall in Shillong
    It came to my attention that the ‘Community Hall’ in Shillong is going to be inaugurated by our Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri. Neiphieu Rio on 22nd of July 2006.It immensely refreshed my memories as the fou
  • Maladies & cliches
    Abhishek SinghThe article written by Al Ngullie in The Morung Express on 16th July 2006, I feel really happy and elated that someone has in fact brought this fact that we are affected by Cliché Malady. Yes, Na
  • Kind Attention: ‘Higher Authorities’ in Respect to JEE 2006
    Consider this, A Student nominated by the Government of Nagaland to undergo various technical courses, through the JEE 2006, will have to pay the following Admission Fees:1. BHMS (Homeopathy) in Asansol, West B
  • Let me harness my talent
    Noel ManuelAn extraordinary power lies within each of us. It is a power like no other. It becomes powerful when we allow it to grow. And turns powerless when we fail to acknowledge its presence. This power is o