Celebration of Peace underway

Dimapur, February 10 (MExN): The much awaited “Celebration of Peace” started today, February 10 with Will Graham as the main speaker at DDSC stadium in Dimapur. However, the general secretary of Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) Rev Dr Anjo Keikung while giving his welcome address disappointingly said that Dimapur has about 80 Baptist churches but the turnout is not even the membership of a single church. “…many a times we are fed up of our faith, especially in Nagaland, which is very sad.”

Humourously referring to Will Graham’s visit to Dimapur, the NBCC official said Nagaland is a “hilly country” and Dimapur is the only strip of plain region so he is hoping Will Graham to visit Nagaland 10 times so that he can visit all the 10 districts and get to see “the real Nagaland” and “especially the good roads”.

He disclosed that Anne Graham will be coming to Nagaland for the NBCC Platinum Jubilee in April and Franklin Graham might come for a crusade to Kohima in November, of which he said: “…it is the year of Billy Graham.” The congregation was enthralled by songs sung by Venutolu Teseo, Lotha Baptist Choir and Grammy winner, Mark Christian. 

The message:
Will Graham before starting his sermon made a request to the gathering to pray for his 93-year-old grandfather Billy Graham. He said his grandfather told him that he is still alive because God has great plans for him. He also disclosed that his father Franklin Graham has made commitment to preach in India.

Will in his message to the gathering preached about the “end times” and the happenings around the world. “All around the world people are talking about end times, not just Christianity but all religions.” Reflecting back to Harold Camping’s prediction, he said the Bible says that no one knows the time or day about the end times except for God alone. However, he said: “…but I promise to you two things – Jesus is returning and the return of Christ is closer each day. Jesus is not returning as a saviour to this world but as a judge.”

He also talked about the events happening around the world – the rise of spirituality, wars, famines, pestilence, natural disasters, rise of false prophets, rumours of wars etc and said that these are the signs that the end times is near.