Church in Pfütsero initiates project to create part-time jobs for youth

The Net-Work Project started by the Youth Department of Pfütsero Town Baptist Church has helped provide part time employment for its youth in Pfütsero Town.

The Net-Work Project started by the Youth Department of Pfütsero Town Baptist Church has helped provide part time employment for its youth in Pfütsero Town.

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Kohima | October 19

To instill work culture among its youth, the Youth Department of Pfütsero Town Baptist Church has initiated a project called the Net-Work project. Introduced a month ago, Net-Work project presently has 50+ registered youth offering varied services such as domestic labour (babysitting, housekeeping, gardening), day labour (deliveries, shop keeping), manual labour, field labour etc.

Designed to help generate revenue for the individual, the youths are paid on hourly basis, with a fixed rate of Rs 100 per hour.

“It's a small project. Most of our youth working outside returned home during the lockdown. Many of them are unemployed and spent most of their time on their mobile phones. So we decided to start this project, hoping that it will engage them and help them earn a little bit for their families,” says Metsoteü Kenye, Youth Director, Pfütsero Town Baptist Church.

Pfütsero being a small town, Kenye mentions that the team was apprehensive if the project will achieve its purpose.

Eventually the project has received support from the citizens of Pfütsero, with many hiring the youths for various odd jobs. While the project has about 50 + registered youth, over hundred youth were hired in various services under the project.

27-year old Zunyiteu Kapfo who has worked twice under the project believes that the venture has been very beneficial for her. “I feel it is more beneficial for me than the employer because I'm getting paid and also learning new skills at the same time,” says Kapfo. In her first job where she helped in removing weeds in a garden, Kapfo earned Rs 350 working for three and half hours.

“Inculcating work culture has been our main vision. It's a small town but there are many without jobs or don't know how to find odd jobs. The Church members have been very supportive by hiring the youths. We were not sure if the youth will be well skilled in the works but we felt they will be able to work, learn and earn at the same time,” says Kenye.

The project has received positive feedback and response, from both the employers and the youth. “It's profitable for both the youth and the employers, as it saves both time and money working on an hourly basis,” says Kenye. As envisioned, the project has helped both parties to navigate through the working system smoothly with a more efficient outcome.

Another 26-year old youth who returned home from Chennai last year says the project has been a good experience for him. 

“Working on an hourly basis is time saving for both the employers and workers. Sometimes we have other chores and personal engagement, so working on hourly basis is really helpful since we can always get back to our other engagements after working for few hours. It helps us work more effectively too,” says the youth, who offered his services twice in forest clearing and unloading stone boulders.

“Earning a little pocket money and not burdening our parents has been very helpful for us. I'm looking forward to work again,” he adds.

With many returnees having to leave their jobs in the cities, and in the absence of employment opportunities, the project hopes to ease the burden of the youth in a small way, says Kenye.

“It also helps them understand the value of money. Many of them has also shared that if such works are consistent, then it's more profitable for them to work at their hometown then earning in cities. We are expecting more than 100 youths to register,” adds Kenye.

While the project started among the youth of Pfütsero Town Baptist Church, the team welcomes any youth interested to join irrespective of church affiliations.

“I’m sure this project will help our town and others like it helped me. I look forward to learn new skills. It will be very helpful if it is initiated in other towns as there is not much part time option for us in Nagaland,” views Kapfo.

“It's only been a month but people are continuing to hire our youth, so it is really encouraging. If the project proves to be useful for our youth and helps them learn new skills then we will continue the project,” expresses Kenye. While the project is mostly focused on 'pay per hour basis', the youth department hopes to introduce payment based on projects which will help accommodate more skills.

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