Community spread has started and the situation is bad, observes IMA

New delhi, July 18 (ANI): With one million people getting affected by COVID-19, the Indian Medical Association is of the view that community spread has started and the situation is pretty bad.


Dr V K Monga, the Chairman of IMA Hospital Board of India said, "This is now an exponential growth. Every day the number of cases is increasing by more than around 30,000. This is really a bad situation for the country. There are so many factors connected with it but overall this is now spreading to rural areas. This is a bad sign. It now shows a community spread." 


Dr Monga further said, "Cases are penetrating down into towns and villages where it will be very difficult to control the situation. In Delhi, we were able to contain it, but what about interior parts of the country in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Madhya Pradesh (which may be the new hotspots)?"


"All these issues are very important and the state governments should take full care and seek help of the Central government to control the situation," Monga said.


As many as 1,34,33,742 samples have been tested for COVID-19 till July 17. Of these 3,61,024 samples were tested on Friday, Indian Council of Medical Research said.


ICMR is ramping up testing facilities regularly. At present, 885 government laboratories and 368 private laboratory chains are conducting COVID-19 tests across the country.


"This is a viral disease that spreads very fast. To contain the disease there are only two options. Firstly, 70 per cent population contracts the disease and gets immune, and other is getting an immunisation," stated Monga.