Congress awaits NPF reply on “anti-Naga” slur

Dimapur, May 25 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) criticizes the Naga People’s Front (NPF) for yet again diverting from issues and raising matters that are not pertinent to the responses sought. The NPCC has reiterated its protracted demand for the NPF’s reply to the claim of the ruling government that the Congress’ policies are “anti-Naga.”  
“The chief minister and the Home minister had time and again stated that the policies and programs of the Congress are anti-Naga. The NPCC had demanded from them to spell out what are those policies and programs of the Congress that are considered by them as anti-Naga,” the NPCC’s media cell said.
Stating that the NPF appears suffering from “a split-mind syndrome,” the Congress said the regionalist party’s habit of bringing up entirely different ‘non-issues against the pertinent issues’ of public importance raised by the opposition has rendered the debate unhealthy and meaningless.”
“They had cleverly avoided answering the questions. The NPCC will pose the same questions till the chief minister and the Home minister satisfactorily answer them,” the Congress said.
Home Minister Imkong L Imchen had “repeatedly shouted as though he was the only person championing the Naga political issue,” the NPCC said in sneer. “In the light of his repeated tirades against the Congress on Naga political issue, it was not out of place for the Congress to question his own contribution. Political issues should be fought politically in public,” the Congress reminded the NPF.  
The NPF keeps on appealing to all Nagas including the opposition Congress to work together for peace but on the other hand, the NPCC said, the Home minister ‘cries hoarse’ that the NPF is the only political party that can bring peace.
The opposition stated – “While they talked so much of Article 371 (A) of the Constitution on one side, on the other side they are talking as though they are not members of the State Legislative Assembly. They decry 16 points agreement on one side but enjoy its fruit on the other side. The government of the day had sworn to protect the integrity of the State as its duty and responsibility. They can’t go on fooling and testing the intellect of the educated people.”
The Congress opined that the “so-called facilitating role of the NPF-led DAN Govt. on Naga political groups has been status-quo ante for the past eight years.”  Its facilitator’s role has no defined road map, the NPCC said, and the government is only playing ‘a reluctant role’ as facilitator to hoodwink the Naga public to stay in power.
“It has nothing to claim as its achievement on Naga political issue and the semblance of peace between the different Naga political groups,” the NPCC added.