Congress using similar tactics like Jinnah's Muslim League: Assam CM

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IANS Photo

GUWAHATI, NOVEMBER 11 (IANS): Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday accused Congress for using tactics like Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Muslim League used during the pre-independence period.

"In my long political career, I could have never imagined that Congress will stoop so low to capture the vote bank of one religion. By coming up with religion specific manifestos, Congress is fulfilling the vision of Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Muslim League," the Chief Minister wrote on X.

The Assam Chief Minister wrote that Mahatma Gandhi led his life in fighting the separate electorate system advocated by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

"And now those who have appropriated the Gandhi surname have revived the policies of Jinnah. This insult to our Swatantra Senani will neither be forgiven nor forgotten," the Assam Chief Minister wrote.

The Chief Minister described what he called "Congress' Anti-Hindu Credentials". He questioned the Congress Minority Manifesto in Telangana and sharply accused the party of using divisive tactics.

The Chief Minister urged all Indians to consider the meaning behind the Congress party's catchphrases and platform, questioning if "Jitni Abadi Utna Haq" was a front for the reinstatement of illegal Muslim reservations.

He shared the Minority Declaration of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee which exacerbated the political dispute.

He said that the proclamation included extensive programs for Telangana's minority population that address employment equity, education, and financial empowerment.

The Assam Chief Minister expressed disapproval of these suggestions, calling them divisive and raising doubts about their consistency with the values of a secular state.