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Corruption your NO counts

The Morung
Express asked young Nagas how we can eliminate Corruption from
Nagaland. The following responses were garnered from the members of The Naga Blog (Facebook) and also readers
of The Morung Express:

How can we eliminate
Corruption from Nagaland?

Imojen Jamir: Corruption is immoral and against the law. However, it seems to have become a norm in Nagaland. Bribery, nepotism, abusing the system by high officials, electoral fraud, organized crime etc have become a way of life whether we like it or not. They seem to be so well based and blended with our sociability that it only seems natural and expected. Our gregariousness, laziness, openhandedness and personal insecurities have given way to corruption. In my opinion, corruption can never be completely eliminated. However, to check and to bring corruption to a minimum level, a strong law enforcing agency is what we need. But we don't trust our law enforcing agencies much, do we? Then we need civil societies and individual social workers who could utilise the RTI efficiently. We need whistleblowers and a law protecting them.

Achah BratSy Tangshu: We cannot completely uproot corruption in our generation but we can start to try uprooting right from this moment. We need to bring change in ourselves and our family to change our society and hence our Government. A specific bill cannot change anything!

Olena Arkz: The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity. Frank Serpico

Asenla Walling: Corruption begins at home. Do the right thing the right way. Corruption exists when people indulge in shortcuts and cut corners to get their work done. People need to know their rights and what they are entitled to. The law needs to be made more stringent against corruption. Meritocracy in all fields should be encouraged and felicitated. A strong youth movement with uncompromising principles, “I FIGHT”

Chingshong P Noklang: Today corruption got the charms, stronger than that of 'sexy lady'. Any Movements, NGOs, group are easily lure by the tag corruption. At this juncture to fight/eliminate corruption is a question, who will bell the cat? My suggest is therefore not how to eliminate but to study the areas/factor that lead to corruption, how do we approach the corrupted man/women? How to treat them in society? Take the example of NSF/ENSF conference/meets. Obviously the chief guest is CM if not minister/MLA or if it’s higher government official then the one who can say less on education but more on money as donation. We hardly see in any naga social gathering where chief guest with low profile in money matter but highly qualified professor/influential in academic field. We respect people who have own latest car, palatial like home etc people judge, regard according to status and position. By nature human being is selfish. Every one need his/her attention and in search of such instinct 90% people made shortcut road to success and the results corruption in society. 'If anyone dares to fight corruption please keep in mind, to end up having more enemies than friends.

Chaba Chang: Supporting those on fast for corruption and joining them will not solve anything. We need leaders with vision, politicians influences corruption....they need to change the way they think and act.

Zuchi Humtsoe: Our scale of corruption is in another higher category/level, just by seeing the condition of the roads one can tell, it is not just corruption but 'Maha-corrupted or Hyper-corruption' (as in the case of hyperinflation/super inflation which can be categorize as in a state of alertness or emergency).

Kavi Assumi Naga: Corruption has become such a vital part of our culture, I have a hunch that maybe our government Officials are even planning to showcase it in our Hornbill Festival. Jokes apart I believe corruption can only be reduced when we ourselves change the way we do things i.e. the easy illegal way should be discarded for the legal way. Corruption to most of us mean some ministers embezzling crores of rupees but it’s just one part of the whole, the other part is to do with us the common public. The queue we break, the way we overtake other vehicles, illegal and wrong parking, money we pay under the table to an office clerk, asking for unethical favors from an 'uncle' who is a highly placed government official etc make up the major part of what we called corruption which in turn leads to more greater corruption. So in short, like a great man once said if every common man become the change that he wants to see in others then I believe it won’t be long before corruption becomes a distant memory of a time gone by.

Vikeduo Linyü: The most educated and the people who can change corruption have stop voicing against corruption. To fight corruption we need the church to take a lead, stop receiving or asking donation from ministers and bureaucrats, start questioning their source of income. Praying out loud after receiving black money doesn't change the money at all; it’s still dirty in front of men and God. The pulpit is where the change can start; the need to preach against corruption and unseen sins is the need of the hour.

Andy Vee: Educating the people that Public (People's tax) Money comes from the People for the People to benefit the People. This would help a lot I guess. The thought that it’s Government Money seems to lend credence to the act of stealing from such funds. Besides there are a whole lot of other types of corruption ... of status, position, etc etc .... it’s a whole level of Art in India especially.

Along Changkija: Realization of our mistakes and changing the way how things work by those in power is the only way. For we are all educated and knowledgeable but the way things work makes the upcoming leaders discouraged or weakened at heart and thereby follow on the same path which is laid down by our predecessors. What we need are leaders who are capable to inspire and not rely on money and help from gunslingers. What we need I think is a society free of fear from our own folks.

Kevi Viswentso Angami: If we start voicing our rights only then will the corruption go down. We Nagas take everything for granted....when we see something illegal going on also, we never tend to report or voice against it. Externally we roar like lions but inside we are too timid and fearful....the reason maybe the disunity among the Nagas. For example when we see someone getting beaten up right infornt of our eyes also we will not intervene even if he/she is right, our inner self says this, 'he/she is not from my tribe or he/she is not know to me'.....this complexity in us must change in order to bring down corruption in our state, this is what I feel.

Bonathung Ngullie: There should be a lokayuta in the state to check corruption, implement effectively the flagship programmes of the centre, like the MPs, politicians and civil servants should declare their assets as mentioned in the amended Representation of People's Act 2002, the leader’s should tackle traffic jams, check high handedness of officers, check unnecessary workings n functions of the numerous unions of the state, effective working of state departments etc.

Lanu Jamir : Society must play its role to fight corruption. The first step is for society to accept that the practice is existent, for it is only with self-realization that this scourge be minimized; Only then can society play any role in fighting corruption, by demonstrating strong abhorrence towards it.  Making honesty a basis of life is the biggest challenge that we're facing in this modern world. Efforts should be made to instill integrity because a person with high integrity would not commit corrupt practices under any circumstance. We should get back to our schools and instill honesty and integrity at formative stage, we should get back to our local leaders and village heads, our leaders of tomorrow and instill a sense of integrity, honesty and fellowship in them, for it is only when we guide our future leaders today that our tomorrow could be corruption free and future forward.

Nitoka V Swu: Not only do we need good, honest and god fearing leaders as some of you have mentioned but we also need good & brave citizens who without any fear and hesitation will raise and stand for our rights against injustice. The world is corrupted or let me say our society is corrupted not only because of the dishonest leaders but also due to the silence of the innocent/honest citizen thereby indirectly encouraging them.